Christians Cannot Love Two Masters – Why Do Christians Do So Anyway?

Two tier setup

There is the spirit and there is the physical-the two-tier setup, one for the teachers (spirit) and one for the students (people). The physical is controlled by the spirit (Hebrews 11: 1). This is done on purpose. The spirit sets the scene in the physical for the souls to control their appointed human being. The human being is given control according to the situation of the scene. In this two-tier set-up there is the spiritually right path to take in the scene and the default easy-to-follow path that leads to hell. This is exactly according to Jesus’ words who said that few will find the narrow path and the multitude will follow the broad and posted route into hell. It is the way to winnow the wheat from the chaff (Jesus’ words).

Souls who have not recognized the spirit in Jesus have missed a very essential test and if they persist in not recognizing the significance of the spirit in Jesus in their soul consciousness, they will pass into the regions of hell-animal and plant life, and thereafter into the regions of soul-being as dirt and matter. These souls thus become a permanent part of the universe and used as scene settings (props) by the spiritual teachers as tests for souls in humans in determining their decisions.

The universe is the continuously operating virtual scene setting for spiritual post-graduate soul students of from paradise. We are taught and tested by spirit through learning the ways of evil and good in this virtual universal setting. As physical beings we are fragile creatures so we can experience and define the aspects of evil through pains, hurts and sorrow. This fragility of our persons is part of the virtual experience in a continuously running display of our physical lives. We are tested on our reliance of physical senses in relation to our spiritual awareness. Yes, pain does affect us in a very negative way, but the question is; “Are we responding to these stimuli as spiritual beings in a spiritually negative manner or can we attain again the spiritual attitude of love as described in 1 Co: 13. We must again become as god per that definition. Jesus stated that few will find the narrow path back into truth because of the stumbling block of 1 Co: 13. We ascribe this kind of love to god. It is, but we must adhere to this kind of love just as god does also as Jesus taught in Matthew 5. 

We must at all times realize that we are spiritual beings, not merely virtual physical creatures in a physical environment. Souls, even through an awareness of physical creatures, must learn to respond to stimuli in the physical environment as spiritual characters, not as physical beings. The lies souls believed in spirit gave us the physical aspect of being. As long as we react in the physical environment as physical creatures we fail the test of returning to spirit in a spiritual awareness. in total effect of one’s senses and awareness of pain, sorrow and pleasure to the senses of pains and sorrows and ease and personal status and wealth in physical life (according to the wishes of the flesh) is the more or less default route to hell, unworthiness. The route, according to soul’s spiritual wisdom and understanding, and generally against the wishes of the flesh, is the passing way into true reality.

One can fail as many times as one wants but one better had pass the test before one is down-graded into the permanent part of hell in the nature of animals. It is thus wise to follow one’s spiritual insight rather than follow the path of least physical resistance and maximum financial gain (Matthew 8: 19, 24-34). No one can be a slave to two masters (good/truth/spirit and evil/deceit/physical gain and status; god or money). I cannot see why the clergy cannot see that and continue to teach their congregation (according to Old Testament theology) to earn money and put it in the basket for worldly causes. The test is individual. We cannot hoard wealth taken from the masses and then spend it to alleviate poverty and pain for others and claim that we have done ‘good’. The poverty and distress (and also the riches and status) in our lives is part of the continuous scene settings for soul to decide how to decide their path. If we are alleviating the pains and stress we destroy the settings by which souls are tested. Or, does the new condition become again part of the testing environment through which we must again seek the correct path? If there is no test there is no passing judgment.

Then what would you do with all your riches? I do not know. You are being tested, you decide. But do not claim “Atta boy” awards for giving your riches away. Jesus said to do your prayers and your ‘charities anonymously; and I agree. The rich person cannot claim to justify his/her riches by helping the poor and society in general. If the rich would not give all they have  in secret, like the poor old widow who put 3 dollars in the basket (all she owned) they have not made the correct decision. They may be on the way to become the soul attached to the chicken that is placed in a cage, fed and killed every seven months as food for others. Think ahead; do not fall into the trap of ease and convenience. It is a deceit. Do not fall into the trap that all good works done in hard labor and charity will bring redemption. The mental and spiritual state determines the spiritual value of the works. Be humble and have compassion but do all things in for only ‘Good’ otherwise you are still serving two masters. A true believer must cipher away the human body and physical environment. This extremely hard to do in modern times where we are exposed to unending streams of political, news and commercial media propaganda and media programming. The western world, and now even the rest of the world, is on a spiritually very deadly track. The way we are proceeding there is no hope for mankind.

If you help feed the poor by magnanimously providing funds to charity institutions to feed the hungry with chicken, you will end up being the chicken you gave to the poor to eat when you were rich-so by making the wrong choice you will become the chicken and become the giver of chicken flesh for others to eat continuously through rapid reincarnations in chicken-hood. It is a perfect description of a soul in hell where the worm does not die (the worm is the stomachs-lake of acid fire-to fill) and the flame (the soul) does not go out but keeps reincarnating.          One cannot show one’s riches, one cannot even own riches and have status, if one wants to be redeemed in spirit. One cannot have ambition if one wants to be redeemed in spirit. We are here to overcome the world. What does that mean? It means to be lifted out of the physical universe (canceled out of the virtual realm) and back into the realm of all truth-true reality. In order to do this we must first know what the physical reality is. It is a phony reality-a vicious spiritual testing ground provided when we gave affront to true reality; and all our efforts must center on the means of escape. We believed a lie in spirit; now we are tested to see if we can again see the spiritual truth- all of it. The truth is the Good and deceit and propaganda is the ‘Evil’. You must align again completely in the good through action thought and repose. You mix evil with good, or light and darkness you have a corruption. What spirit wants is a pure heart in either good and evil. In either case there is a heaven. Jehovah, Allah, etc. provided the heaven for the purely evil. The True god, who is the spirit in Jesus provides the heaven in Good. These are the two masters. Those who dabble in good and evil end up in the animal realms of nature. So here are your choices. Believe me every choice will be final; and the two wrong choices, ultimately, will make your present habitation look like heaven. You cannot imagine the agony of animal life. It is hell where the worm does not die and the flame does not go out.

There is a deep philosophical question related to pain and suffering in us humans, and of course in animals. Pain and suffering can become so intense that even the most spiritually minded person cannot concentrate on spirit. If one cannot concentrate on spirit the mind is concerned solely on the physical environment and sharply focused on the pain and the means to receive help to alleviate the pain. So, there is the matter of solace and aid to one another. Pain, sorrow and hurts, of the mental, bodily and emotional kinds set us apart in solitary confinement of extreme hurt and loneliness.   Presently, I am happy completely alright (don’t ask me next week, my teeth or my back may very well act up again. However my wife is in constant, intense inflamed nerve pain that affects her hands, lower arms; and she also has constantly shifting muscle aches and hurts in her upper back. There is no let-up–day and night. She has been in this condition for over three months now. She prays to god; cries out to him, abides in tears and patience. She sees chiropractors, acupuncturists, searches the internet for remedies and so on while I am even keeled in my physical body. There does not seem to be any help. The spirit does not seem to care one bit even after prayers and cries for help to god. Man cannot help and god does not give a damn. Or does he? The constant isolation of herself in this pain is a cruel, merciless spiritual decree. What is the spirit asking us to do? Whatever happens in earth is a condition set by spirit. What is the purpose? What does Jesus mean by, “Rest in me and I make your burdens light. There is no greater burden than continuous intense pain! How does each one of us approach this problem from a spiritual and physical side? I tried healing through putting on hands. That is a joke! We pray-that is a joke. So the spirit tells us to deal and cope with the situation by our own means. There are no means so we are reduced in our efforts in just trying to cope.

A woman giving birth is in pain and maybe the child being born also is in pain. This kind of pain has a purpose. A child is being born and it is the only way to accomplish the task. Maybe my wife is in the throngs of undergoing a spiritual birth. If that is so she is very close to being there. Jesus taught and showed us that life as a knower in truth must go through a lot of suffering. He showed us on the cross. He was reborn as well because he had to rid himself of the sinful physical flesh. So pain is not necessarily an evil thing spiritually, but no matter, physically it always is an evil thing. Pain does not make sense, unless we look beyond the physical into spirit and see that the physical is evil and that we must overcome the flesh (the physical world) in order to have the true spiritual realm.   People say, “Oh man, life is fun and worth it. Find a cause and fulfill your desires through ingenuity, cunning, effort and cooperation.” I say, “Man you got this universe all wrong. This is hell and you must find a way out of it before it devours you completely.” Do not pay attention to the seductions of physical society. The one that observes the hurt in another, any other, is placed for a very important spiritual test. Jesus advised us to be like the Good Samaritan. This man acted independently and personally. He provided for transport, housing and constant help. He left financial provision for the innkeeper to continue service until the man recovered. This injured man was considered an enemy of the Good Samaritan. I say be likewise. It is of the utmost importance. Don’t be a phony. Be there 100% for another and do not insist on repayment. Spiritually you are under a microscope. Selfishness and phony benevolence are things of the world and the world will ensnare and trap you forever. Get the hell out of this physical realm before it becomes your permanent hell. Forget your own physical self; there is no redemption of the flesh. Seek the window of truth because you are awash in a universe based on a set of spiritual lies.

To prophesy or to receive prophesy is to do something for human beings who are blind in spirit. Those who, again, can see in spirit do not need prophesy because there is no physical world that is any concern to them to have any prophesies about-so forget about the spiritual value of the book of Revelation in the New Testament.

Source by Hans VanKrieken