Confusing Your Role With Self

What happens if you merely define yourself by the roles played in the life process? Do you believe you are less once a role is completed or are you still the same Being? Your answers will assist you in determining whether your life is driven by ego or higher self. The answers will also help you to better understand your current level of happiness and peace.

In daily life we each play different roles based upon our life-situations in the current moment. These roles vary greatly and can change within a matter of minutes from one to another. Take for example a person that is married, has children, a career, authored a book, volunteers as an environmentalist and plays baseball for exercise. On the surface in daily life this person may play each role feeling the same internally, while being perceived differently by people surrounding them in the life process.

Let’s examine some of the roles played in more detail:

• Spouse – By choosing a partner to share life with a person takes on an important role as a mate, which requires attention to fulfill the intentions of the relationship. If that role ends for whatever reason, is the person less?

• Parent – While children are in the family household they require guidance from the parent to prepare them to go out into the world on their own. When the children as raised and move out of the family household the role of parent changes in the dynamics; however, is the person less?

• Career – If the person chooses to play the role of Engineer there are responsible tasks assigned to that role each day to co-create new material objects in the given profession. If the person looses the job they are assigned to, is the person less?

• Author – By authoring a book a person may be perceived as an expert or authority in the topic discussed. When book sales are going great the person may feel wonderful and is motivated to write another book. However, if sales are down or never reached their intended goals they may decide to stop writing? If they no-longer play the role as author, is the person less?

• Environmental Volunteer – Being an environmental volunteer can be a very rewarding experience for a person, perceived as enhancing not only evolution but also personal self-satisfaction, just by knowing they are helping to save the planet in some way. If they decide to stop volunteering, is the person less?

• Baseball Player – As a baseball team-member a person may play varying roles based upon the position on the team. One day they could be a pitcher, the next an outfielder and so on. If the person no-longer wants to play baseball, is the person less?

Does a role being played really matter in the big picture of life, or is it overvalued based upon identifying yourself with one role as being more important than another? Would it be safe to assume that in each role importance is the same for each group actively involved in the role being played at any given moment?

The point is, the roles played in life-situation are constantly changing; and, if a persons only focus is on role identity it’s not healthy in the big picture of life, because the mind will attempt to place far too much importance on the role. When identified merely by a role being played a person can quickly lose touch with the awareness of the true higher self.

In reality, we are all much more than the simple roles we play. We are the guiding light within the body simply observing the roles being played-out on the screen of life-situation. Therefore, never forget that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and the roles played in life are simply there to assist you in understanding more about your true self. Each role is meant to be a loving, fun, fulfilling and positive life experience; and, how you experience each role is based upon the free will choices made along the way.

Knowing that the higher-self is the embodiment of your true essence is the greatest gift of all and should never be confused with the roles played during the life experience.

Source by Terry Swejkoski