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Has Religion Passed Its Sell-By-Date?

Regarding the UK, it is said the pews are empty because going to church is no longer in fashion. But examining church attendance figures for many years, it can be readily seen that this is not just a recent matter but actually a long-lasting social trend that has gathered pace over many decades. The World […]

Psychobabble and AA Principles

I was at an AA meeting recently when someone criticized what he considered to be the psychobabble at meetings. For some of us in the rooms, such criticism is often a back-door way of hiding behind the literature of AA in order to avoid being honest about our motives, our rationalizations, our hidden agendas, our […]

The Meaning of Being Tall in Various Cultures

There are different superstitions associated with height in different cultures. For instance, in some cultures, being tall means that the person can reach out into the sky and touch the place where the deceased ancestors reside, while in other cultures being tall could mean that the person has the ability to bring rainfall in a […]

Can Yoga Enhance Your Mental Performance

We all know that exercise can improve us physically – lowering our cholesterol, decreasing our predisposition to heart disease, and enhancing our immune system – but, what we might not be aware of is the mind, not to be left out, can also be improved through exercise. The reasons for this are biological and emotional, […]

Attracting Money and the Law of Attraction

Attracting money using the Law of Attraction may sometimes be one of the most frustrating tasks you have done in your life. Even if you have rigorously applied the principles of the Law of Attraction, you may find it hard for wealth to manifest into your reality. So why is that? The way that you […]

The God Is Unborn

The God is said to be the ‘Supreme’ spiritual entity that is eternal, infinite, formless and boundless. One who is supreme cannot be said to be supreme if there is someone who is even superior to him. And the mother is, no doubt superior to the child she gives birth to. This is called ‘Matri-Rin’ […]

The Meaning Of Queen

The word Queen means woman – any women – a woman with or without riches, fame, position; women from any background, colour or creed; women limbless or able-bodied; a Queen of her domain, a Queen to her King; her husband, a Queen is a woman, a woman is a Queen. No person using the word […]