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Spiritual Growth and the Gift of Confusion

Although it is often distressing to feel confused about what next step to take on your spiritual growth path, the mental state of confusion is actually a higher state of consciousness than being certain of your beliefs and spiritual principles. Feeling confused or “lost” is actually a signal that you are about to be given […]

How Can We Let Go of Fear?

Moving from the 3rd Dimension into the 5th Dimension requires an understanding that we are spiritual beings rather than physical beings. The third dimension is full of fear and physical matter is dense. One cannot manifest from the third dimension. Most news broadcasts put its viewers into the third dimension, which some would pose is […]

Value Of A Medium Reading

A medium reading has many uses above and beyond that of contacting deceased loved ones and gaining evidence of their continued existence. It also opens up the very real idea that the afterlife is a real place and one which we shall too inhabit once we leave the earthly plane following our transition or physical […]

Confusing Your Role With Self

What happens if you merely define yourself by the roles played in the life process? Do you believe you are less once a role is completed or are you still the same Being? Your answers will assist you in determining whether your life is driven by ego or higher self. The answers will also help […]

The Definition of a Spiritual Catalyst

Many people have heard the terms “Guru” or “Spiritual Leader”. But it may be true that not many people have heard the term “Spiritual Catalyst”. While still similar in nature, the vocation of a Spiritual Catalyst can be quite different from the vocation of a Guru or Spiritual Leader. A person who is by definition […]