The Meaning Of Queen

The word Queen means woman – any women – a woman with or without riches, fame, position; women from any background, colour or creed; women limbless or able-bodied; a Queen of her domain, a Queen to her King; her husband, a Queen is a woman, a woman is a Queen.

No person using the word or name Queen is above or beneath the name Queen. A Queen is equal to woman in my name. Having fame or riches makes no one more a Queen than a Queen with or without a dime, fame or riches. A Queen should not be used as a title, but rather should be used in reference to all women; any woman. The name Queen should not be used as credence over any other woman.

While I Sleep I write and speak in various languages unbeknown to self. As I only speak and write in English it’s miraculous to wake up to news views and audio transcripts of what happened the night before. In ‘The Writings’ I am referred to as Queen Tiye. One should not see the name “Queen” being a title but rather see “Queen” meaning woman, as in woman Tiye.

The name “woman” is the same has “Queen”. It is not to be used or seen to be better than or above the equal status of any other woman. If the word Queen is used as a title then the word woman should be also. In fact a title using woman or Queen means the same.

The source of mankind and all creation gave not a woman supremacy over other women; it is the people of earth that determined this, by using title and labels to control society… all names are reference to the subject matter. Some names are taken out of context, taking the name from the reference point, giving it a title to demonstrate division, control and authority over others. If the reference is removed, all you would receive is the naked core of where it began.

We are all spiritual beings, without attachment, we are formless Souls, we are all connected, we are not above or beneath each other. Listen not to the scholars of man on their division of the physical realm; listen to the guru of self from within self.

The internal world is self, and once you begin to peer into that reality of self through the “mind’s eye you will begin to understand who you are and the power behind you, which is the self. Only then will you begin to identify and come to the realization of who you are “not”, then the realization will hit you that we are all without labels and attachments, we are all formless beings, living in a physical body, on a physical earth to experience it. We will all return to our formless destination, without any form of attachments or labels. Mankind, we are here in transit… to experience another existence in the physical form.

A name in this life, our ancestral life, or any physical life, we are all women/Queens. If it is a slave women, a peasant, a doctor or a known figure and it’s her, she is a woman. All women are Queens. The words woman and Queen are exactly the same, none above the other. The sleep writings mentions woman in high regard, and refers to women as the “Wo”. The word “Wo” Was used in the writings for a reason.

Women are highly unrecognised beings on the Earth and saying “woman is taking away the status of the woman and adding it to the status of a man. The “Wo” in itself is a Queen and a “Wo” in their own right. A man being a King is also a King in his own right.

Having combined “Wo” with “MAN”, is cheating both sexes of their own right. So the word is divided to give back to women, the status they have lost so they can gain freedom without attachment in their own right.

Here you will find two definitions of the word ‘Queen’, the Oxford English Dictionary and an online newsletter.

Oxford English Dictionary

‘..but the roots of the word run back through Anglo Saxon and into Indo-European and the earliest meanings of the most ancient of these word roots-something that sounded like Gwen – Queen was simply “woman.” There was no royalty association at all.’

The online newsletter article I found is below…

‘(Queen) From the Gothic German “qino“, then the Old English word “cwene” which was their common word for “woman.” This gave rise to the early Middle English word “quean” which meant “woman,” related to the modern Swedish word “kvinna,” for woman.’

Women are the earth, she is the strength, she is the height of earth power, the oracle is the Woman, a comforter, first teachers of mankind, supreme carers and nurturers of the world, the holistic thinkers, and sensitive problem solvers, unacknowledged managers, the heart of the family, the foundation and builder of nations.

The woman is the tree of life, she is the Goddess of earth, the Queen of the human race, and is as important as her womb – that sacred place – where you and I were conceived. The Wo (women) are the womb that carries the golden egg, you and I. The divine peace makers are the women. All women are Queens and all Queens are women

The sleep Writing says:

‘Men I tell you respect your first home for that home gave life, comfort and warmth unto you. Within that warmth you fed from the wo’s power and strength that gave you freedom. When freedom restored upon you more strength, and power was taken to enrich you.’

‘Ye man I tell you, just as your protection was in the home from the beginning with no disturbances, and was respected by the wo, so you must respect another’, home when you mature. For the home or homes you disrespect will be the home or homes of yours. So man enter homes with grace and passion, and when you do nurture it for if the home nurtured you not you would have no home to enter.’

‘I say El Roi. He who respects his first home respects himself. He, who respects himself, respects I who gave life unto himself. Tiye teach and spread my words.’

The Unseen – Vessel Used Queen Tiye

So whoever you are on the earth – The Queen of England, The Pope in the Vatican, or the suffering people of the world – when its time for the journey, we will all face that trip, stripped of all fame, riches, claims, privileges, authority, poverty, and superiority.

We are not humans on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. Your journey on the other side will be outside the human form of flesh, stripped back to that spiritual being that you were and always will be.

Thank you for reading; and remember the only answer to life on earth is truth and the truth ripples from the internal you, self. Love and blessings to all Peace..

Queen Tiye – Woman Tiye – Wo Tiye.

Source by Queen Tiye