Connecting to Higher Self – Your Superconductor of Creative Energy

If you are seeking answers to questions about your life right now, or if you are looking for solutions to problems that don’t seem solvable, you may want to connect to the superconductor of creative energy–the higher self. Your higher self will lead you to the answers you are seeking.

Your higher self is a superconductor of creative energy (i.e. creative information, wisdom, and insight), but before this superconductor of creative energy works at high capacity in your life, you have to “awaken” it: You have to connect to it, activate it and then practice using it, until it fully kicks in and becomes automatic.

Basically, what you have to do is reconnect to higher self (there are specific ways to do this), learn to distinguish your higher self’s guidance from your mental conditionings, and then follow through with this guidance, whether that means taking an action, or re-examining something you have always believed to be true.

In her recent weekly email, spiritual advisor, channel, and light-worker Toni Elizabeth Petrinovich wrote, “DNA is a superconductor of information (losing no energy in transmission.)

According to my understanding, DNA is simply the physical manifestation of the higher self, the soul–but you don’t have to learn organic chemistry in order to understand it. You just have to take the steps to cultivate a deeper, truer relationship with your higher self and not worry about the science of DNA (with all its complications).

Anyway, it is true that the higher self is a superconductor of creative energy. I wouldn’t have written a chapter titled “Superconductor” in my memoir of my reconnecting process had I not understood this was so. However, the way to help activate this superconductor of creative energy in your life is not by trying to lose zero energy in transmission. (Would someone please show me what it looks like to lose no energy in transmission?)

Rather, an important step to activating this superconductor of creative energy is to have no resistance to the free flow of energy in your life. If you come across some new energy (i.e. new information, insights, etc…) that seems to contradict what you believe to be true, you can simply acknowledge this new information. You don’t resist it, and you don’t have to accept it. You can just acknowledge it, and try it out like trying on a shoe to see if it fits. You do not have to make decisions based on it. Just be open to it, at first. This is what it means to have no resistance to the free flow of energy.

The truth is, when you connect to your higher self you will no doubt receive guidance and new insights that seem to contradict what you have been conditioned to believe. It is natural to question yourself in such situations; it’s natural to resist new information. But when you take baby steps anyway, when you have faith in yourself and follow through with your inner guidance and then as a result experience valuable insights or favorable synchronicities or more cooperation from the Universe, you will over time gain more and more confidence in your higher self, until you get to a point when your higher self becomes a superconductor of creative energy in your life. (This is the point where there is no resistance to the free flow of information, no resistance to following through with your inner guidance promptly and consistently.)

Here is one interesting example: I was hiking one morning almost two years ago when my inner guidance told me to call an acquaintance to confirm an appointment. I had my cell phone, but knew I didn’t have this person’s phone number in my contact list. However, I remembered I had called him recently, and his area code was unique. Rather than putting it off till later, I looked through my call history right then and dialed the first (650) number I came across. (I had no resistance to my higher self’s guidance; I followed through immediately.)

Some guy answered, saying, “This is KZSU, and you’re the winner. Can you hold?”

I had called my friend’s place of work (a radio station) by mistake, but so what! I won two tickets to the Monterey Jazz Festival!

This is what it means to be a superconductor of creative energy–no resistance to the free flow of “energy,” which means no resistance to your inner guidance. (And I got confirmation from the Universe about that.)

Connecting to higher self is of course a process, but it is so worth it. It’s how you will solve the problems that seem to have no solutions right now. It’s how we will solve the world’s biggest problems. And I promise you it will be like nothing else you experienced before.

Source by Christine Hoeflich