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The Awakening Dream

Living in a world filled to the brim with hatred, misguided-ness, and racism for each other, mankind continues to struggle in its perpetual long lived and continuing cycle of separation of the masses – Church and State. The journey and characterization of an individual comes to mind… Life’s Journey has many ways of preparing us […]

Evolutionary Spirituality and Evolving Beyond the Ego – Four Steps to Spiritual Evolution

I listened to an online discussion on evolutionary spirituality, evolving beyond the ego and spiritual evolution led by Craig Hamilton last month (April 2010). In a nutshell, Hamilton’s message was that the ego (which he defined as the part of the self susceptible to collective conditioning) would rather stay comfortable than to take a chance […]

Spiritual Growth – Growth in Self Awareness

What is spiritual growth? How does a human being grow from birth to spiritual enlightenment? What is the process? I believe that spiritual growth is simply the process of awakening our consciousness; becoming conscious of ultimate reality and “what is”. Like many things that are “simple”, it is not easy to achieve. If it were, […]

Anxious About Soul-Winning

“He that wins souls is wise.” We read or hear Proverbs 11:30 and hearts race as we contemplate the perceived duty we feel to “lead someone to Christ.” The very thought stirs up nightmarish reminders of blown opportunities to pray the “Sinner’s Prayer” with a lost soul. On top of that, we’re made to feel […]