Consciousness Development – Making the Unconscious (Mind) Conscious

Non awareness of embedded non life-serving thought patterns can be the single barrier on our journey of personal “success in life”. This hardly ever spoken about realm is entirely responsible for the functioning state of our mental and physical well-being — including goal achieving — thus making consciousness development a life-priority for humanity.

In this regard it’s necessary to explore the “bigger picture” — the cosmic nature of the unconscious mind — for this is the realm of our latent mental faculties, home of our vital assets such as perfect health, creativity, love peace and happiness — the spiritual “Fort Knox” or paradise of our souls.

If we’re familiar only in literal interpretation of scripture, we tend to see the Bible merely as a religious book, as separate from the consciousness development compilation which it is. In this regard, it can at first be a struggle opening our minds / hearts to the symbolism phraseology which scripture is presented in.

“Christ Within”

For instance, when the Bible says: “Christ within” the question immediately arises at subconscious level, “where within, and, within what”? This would be considered a normal subjective response to this profoundly abstract statement. And, on not receiving a mature response, we suppress the cries of the soul’s yearning for expression, evolution — for consciousness development – accepting instead crafted interpretation [of scripture] without knowing the purest intention of the original authors.

Of course [the] “where” within is within raised, or, developing consciousness. In other words, scripture is highlighting that the status of “Christ-within” — awakening of the soul’s latent or untapped levels of happiness, creativity and love– is to be brought from the un-manifest, or, unconscious transcendental level [of Being] to the conscious experiential level of heart / mind.

Similarly, we hear, “heaven is within”, and, again, esoterically understood, this is absolutely true. But, this “within”-consciousness is accessed through an inner-created space by way of personal endeavour such as meditational mind-calming techniques. In other words, “heaven is within” requires daily culturing of the mind in transcendental silence. This can be as simple as, focusing totally on whatever we’re actually doing in any given moment without our thoughts dribbling into past or future “thinking-about” episodes. Often referred to as “being in the now” this single daily practice will reveal our “heaven is within” nature, beautifully thus to unfolding of Christ-consciousness.

Stilling the Conscious Mind

Achieving this level of soul-consciousness development simply involves commitment to stilling the conscious mind of thought activity, whereby we’re not deliberately re-experiencing past — pleasant or unpleasant — moments or, snared into anxiety-ridden future events. This practice allows the mind’s silence nature expand into and ignite the deeper faculty-laden unconscious; it’s also the brain frequency realm of 7-14 cycles per second to which scripture is guiding. Also known as the Alpha brain state, this level of vibrating consciousness is gained through being totally present [in mind] to the happening [present] moment and to our immediate environment without thought distraction or being judgemental.

So many load their “life-prayer” from a time-based or conditioned mind state when the reverse is spiritually more beneficial. In other words, the Power [of higher consciousness] which we’re seeking to invoke in formal prayer requires meeting such in ITS unconditional love nature, hence daily purification of lower ego — mind, body, spirit made fertile for divine harvesting. To this end, mental silence is a way of culturing divine consciousness — the approach the Bible is heralding.

Subconscious Conditioning

The following two paraphrased scriptures may serve to highlight practical everyday understanding on subconscious conditioning – the snare which keeps us spiritually retarded until severed or de-conditioned through meditational silence.

Luke 2:7 “she [soul] wrapped Him (Unconscious Christ potential) in swaddling clothes… ” — subconscious generational conditioning or, non life-serving mind-sets.

John 14:30, “The prince of the world calleth (temptation to perpetual wrong-doing) and findeth nothing in me” (absence of lower-ego content), meaning, our deeper mind would have no dynamic in place whereby lower-ego or illusory mind-sets can exist thereby maintain the status quo by controlling our lives at subconscious level.

This subconscious content is referred to biblically as “original sin” or [the] “fall of man”.

To counter this “darkness” epidemic of humanity, Psalm 46:10 reminds us: “Be still (in mind) and know that I [Higher You or eternally-existing consciousness] am [off] God” [nature]. In other words, in knowing our Higher Heart or Christ nature through inner-centering practices, we become AS expanded bliss consciousness – we become the Christ — the goal of human evolution.

“Faith in Action”

Once we’ve progressed somewhat in consciousness development the shift of awareness in higher spiritual perception becomes acutely obvious — divine fulfilment becoming our normal experiential standard. Thus, our outward expression of spontaneous happiness resonates as “faith in action” demonstrating ourselves actively engaged in Christ-consciousness expression.

The Good Lord in His wisdom situated His nature within raised consciousness or, transcendentally. In this way, gaining access to such exalted state would require each of us journeying into unconditional stillness [within] thus exposing lower-ego content to divine purification. This process is referred to biblically as entering through “the narrow gate” of converged meditational thought — focussed non-thinking-about awareness — as separate from scattered illusory-driven mind-sets. Scripture reminds us: “Cain rose up against Abel in the field” (in the mind) – meaning, lower-ego’s attempted domination over our soul’s higher spiritual nature.

It’s this daily process of entering into meditational silence, of present moment experiencing or, being in the now, which ensures victory over biblical “darkness” or, non developed consciousness. Thus, present-moment consciousness is the crucifying dynamic of egoism “darkness”, thus de-potentialzing the “loop feed” maintaining suppressed ignorance of our latent mental-spiritual faculties.

When the conscious mind is experiencing daily transcendental silence thus the process of consciousness development has commenced — when realized “Christ-Within” or, developed consciousness becomes our spontaneous life expression.

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Source by Raymond Patrick Phelan