Critical Thinking: Is A Large Part Of Humanity Estranged From Themselves?

In most, if not all, societies around the world, it is normal for a large part of the citizenry to look towards others for answers and to guide them. In a lot of cases, these people don’t just look towards anyone, though; they look towards the experts and the authorities.

Nonetheless, this approach won’t be something that has just started with them; it will most likely be something that their parents and even grandparents did to a certain degree. Therefore, this is not going to be a new way of being.

For Example

If someone like this feels unwell and is not at their best, they are likely to reach out to their Dr. It might not matter if they have a physical or a mental and emotional problem, as the same thing could occur.

There is the chance that one won’t know why they are the way that they are which is why they will need someone ‘out there’ to tell them. It might not even cross their mind that they could develop a deep understanding of themselves.

The Current Paradigm

Looking towards others will just be what happens, and there are likely to be plenty of people in their life who do the same thing, As a result of this, there will be no reason for them to question their behaviour.

And, even if they were to try a different approach, it might not be long until they start to experience a fair amount of inner pressure. Part of them could tell them that they are doing the wrong thing and need to get the all-clear from the right people.


It could be said that this will be the conditioned part of them; the part that has absorbed a lot of messages from different authority figures over the years. A lot of these messages will have entered their mind during their childhood years, with this being a time when they were unable to think for themselves.

The conditioned part of them, then, will kick in if they go off the beaten track and activate their true-self. Thus, even if they were not encouraged to look outside of themselves for answers, there would still be the voice inside their head that keeps them in line.

Another Area

Along with looking outside for answers, it is also normal for a large part of the citizenry to look towards others to provide safety and security. This need is likely to be taken care of by the government.

This entity will position itself as being in place to look after them, and there will be a number of different ways that this entity does this. This entity is going to be like an all-knowing, all-powerful god.

Out of Balance

Thanks to the experts and the government, it will be as if the citizenry is in an adult version of a day care centre. Like a child who is in this position, a citizen won’t have to worry about too much as there will be people there who will do their best to make sure that they are looked after and that nothing bad happens to them.

Still, in a real day care centre, there will be moments when things go wrong and the same will apply to the day care centre that has been created in large parts of the earth. With this in mind, even though what is taking place on the earth is just seen as how life is by a lot of people, it could be said that it is a sign that something is amiss.

A Closer Look

One way of looking at this would be to say that what is currently taking place on this earth is a sign that a large part of humanity is living on the surface of themselves. Through being in a disembodied state, it is to be expected that they would have outsourced so much and be dependent on people ‘out there’ to provide them with things that they would otherwise provide for themselves.

When someone lives on the surface of themselves, it is going to mean that they have a weak to nonexistent connection with their own body. Consequently, it will be a challenge for them to access their body’s wisdom and their ability to be aware of what is taking place inside them will be greatly undermined, making it hard for them to see how their outer world mirrors back their inner world.

What’s going on?

What this illustrates is that human beings are not born as blank slates or that their mind is the only part of them that knows anything; they are born with an inherent wisdom and their body has an intelligence of its own. The big question is: why would someone be estranged from their own body and spend most of their time in their head?

If someone lives in this way, what it is likely to show is that they have experienced trauma and are now in a traumatised state. In order to stop them from being overwhelmed, and their life coming to an end in the process, they would have disconnected from their body – the part of them where they feel things – and gone into their head.

Stepping Back

Not only would this trauma have separated them from their body, losing touch with their inner wisdom and guidance in the process, it would have also destroyed their sense of safety and security. Being in a traumatised state can then be seen as what will cause someone to outsource things to people ‘out there’.

Therefore, by being in a traumatised state, someone will be a shadow of the person who they would be if they were in an embodied state. Naturally, this inner disconnection will cause them to have a very different experience on this earth to the one that they would have if they were connected to themselves.

Final Thoughts

When a large part of the humanity is estranged from themselves, due to being in a traumatised state, there is going to be a strong need for people ‘out there’ to guide and to look after them. This trauma will keep them in an undeveloped state, prevent them from stepping in their power and make them dependent on outside authorities.


If someone experiences life in this way, and they are ready to change their life, it will be imperative for them to work through their trauma so that they can reconnect to themselves. This is something that can take place with the assistance of a therapist or healer.

Source by Oliver JR Cooper