Divine Love Making

Have you read or heard about the controversy surrounding the story as to whether Jesus and Mary Magdalene were partners or actually married? There are several books that elude to this matter, including the latest best seller, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Let’s suppose for a moment this were actually true. Jesus was in human form after all and he embodied the principles of Divine Love or in other words he was a being of love So, how would a being of love make physical love? If love’s eternal nature is to keep giving of itself, then would it be safe to say that a Divine being would GIVE love through the sensations of the body’s pure sexuality when making physical love?

What is the body’s pure sexuality? In essence, the body is a universe unto itself. Every internal and external organ works in harmony with each other to assure the survival of the system. The intelligence which governs the body happens naturally, and does not require you to think. For example: Do you have to tell your heart to beat? Of course not. Pure Sexuality is the innocent knowledge of love in the body. The magnetic power of pure sexuality attracts the Divine in another in order to give every quality of Love This knowledge or intelligence directs the whole body during the making of love through the body’s sensations.

This is also referred to as making love with the Divine in you and in your partner. This is how a spiritual being of love makes physical love When two partners join with the conscious intent to make Divine physical love there is no thinking necessary and the love between the partners is then amplified as their vibrations are raised.

How does our thinking get in the way when making love? Thoughts get in the way when certain demands or expectations are placed on the encounter, instead of each partner being in the moment experiencing the beautiful sensations which occur naturally. Thoughts also get in the way when allowed to go to other places, persons or events from the past or to future imaginings during the love making. When this occurs, we lose the connection to the pure sexuality of the body or the Divine.

Everyone has experienced Divine love making at some time or another. These are the sensational moments when we come together without thought involved. We experience the great passion and connection with our partner through the sensations of the bodies. When the love making ends, we produce the vibration of well being and serenity that is recognizable in the presence of others. We remember these times fondly and may long to repeat them, but they cannot be recreated by thinking about them.

You can not make Divine physical love by wanting to recreate the past because your thoughts are in the way. Making Divine Physical love requires you to be the love that you are in the moment and to give from that place with no expectations or demands. If Jesus and Mary made physical love we believe this is how they would have practiced.

What do you suppose would happen if more people practiced making love this way? Practicing Divine love making can heal and restore an existing relationship or build a powerful foundation in a new relationship. This may be what is needed to end the disharmony, pain and unhappiness that so many suffer from today.

Man and woman have forgotten how to naturally engage the body’s pure sexuality in order to make Divine physical love This ancient knowledge has been buried under the piles of self absorption and self justification that humanity has been practicing for thousands of years. Giving up these behaviors is the key to freedom and the greatest challenge to realizing the way to Divine love

When pure sexuality is present, the making of love between man and woman releases energies that are stored in the bodies creating a space for LOVE to expand which increases the vibratory rates of each person. Making love then becomes an opportunity to grow the knowledge of love and restore harmony. This occurs through the release of the finer energies that are exchanged through the organs of love during the making of love This is really a great miracle and women can especially benefit from these releases, as they tend to store more emotion in their bodies than men do. This also can be transformational and restore man and woman to their true nature or the being the love that they are.

Practicing Divine love making is as natural as breathing once we get our thoughts out of the way. The effort lies in the great undoing that must occur to allow the Authority of love to command our lives. We can return to this beautiful state of being by practicing honest communication and making our intentions with our partners pure. The Authority of Love is ever present and available to us every moment. When we consciously choose to align with this presence, we begin to experience more Divine love in our lives. Is there anyone on earth that would not benefit from having more love in their life?

Those who choose to consciously practice Divine love making can experience a transformation that benefits all their relationships through the realization of something greater than themselves. This is the awesome power of the Authority of Love that lives within each of us.

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