Dream It and Do It

Sometimes life robs us of our dreams and we end up feeling empty and discouraged. The most common areas of dreams getting derailed are: health, wealth, love, ambition, spiritual development and family. With losses like these, confusion, frustration and fear can monopolize one’s mind when their dreams come crashing down. There may be times when all of our energy has been invested in a particular outcome, only to have it

Sometimes life robs us of our dreams and we are left feeling empty and evaporate. This could create a sense of having hit a wall with nowhere to turn. This disheartening state is an ideal time to receive some spiritual insight through a psychic reading. Psychic guidance can be instrumental in helping one to move forward and create a new vision for one’s life. There are always alternate dreams available if one is simply willing to expand their perspective, open their mind and trust in their soul’s wisdom.

How does one learn to trust in their soul’s wisdom? Let’s look to mother nature for that answer. Nature has patterns and rhythms that are both subtle and profound as do our lives. In the cycle of life, the fall leaves drop from the colorful trees. This shedding of what is no longer needed precedes wintertime. The winter is then followed by spring where seeds are planted for new beginnings and this then leads to summer growth and harvest and a new cycle begins. Our lives resemble these unending cycles of life, but in a wider sphere of context and existence. We may be in the spring of our life financially, yet in the winter of life regarding our health. The hardest phase of life to deal with is the winter of the soul. At this point, one may feel as though they are doing all they can to live their dreams but, the intended results are not yet shown on the outside.However, rest assured there is growth and strengthening happening deep inside on a soul level. This place of emptiness is where one enters the great unknown. From this void, life can become full again. Courage, fortitude and faith to move forward can be discovered within. Like seeds being planted in spring that offer new hope, our souls can inspire us. We can learn how to release that which is no longer serving oneself, just as the trees drops their leaves in the fall. The key is to not run away, but rather to listen deeply inside to the voice of the innermost heart. This voice is always calling each of us home to our unique path and purpose. No one else can fulfill our personal destiny. Most importantly,remember to keep an open mind and don’t give up on believing that a new dream can emerge from the rubble of your shattered hopes, goals and visions. Trust in the infinite wisdom of your soul’s nature and in your ability to navigate through the challenges that come. Dream again and dream big! You can do it.

Source by Liah Howard