Earth Grounding Furniture and Accessories

The ancient traditions of spirituality and design pave the way to inner wisdom or rising of soul vibrations which incorporates an association with Mother Earth. Keep in mind the end goal is to manage the elevated amounts of cognizance and have the capacity to coordinate these higher energies into our physical bodies. We need to spiritualize our physicality to be able to enjoy delight, prosperity and unity that the universe offers us.

Mother Earth has buried deep in her miraculous life giving treasures and limitless cosmic wisdom in the harmonious cycle of seasons. The bottomless seas, nurturing soil, precious stones and rocks, plant and animals are all in abundance for us to take advantage of. We fortify our indispensable wholeness and wellbeing by stimulating and recognizing ourselves. We manifest a little planet Earth inside ourselves with the 5 elements of air, water, fire, sun and ether as stated in the ancient text of Ayurveda. Our reality alone is a confirmation of it.

Earth encourages us to ground to her physical domain. Every last bit of her plants, organic products, vegetables, and even blooms, weeds, precious stones are brimming with sustained truth. Mother Earth works with the Sun, Moon, water, air, and the seasons to give birth, moderate life, develop new species, ground energies, and transport this nourishment and knowledge around in physical shape with adequate use for us.

She shows us to ground our bodies with the help of gravity and our five senses, and demonstrates to us the delight in being, making, sustaining others, and becoming our internal and external limit with respect to plenitude. Her quakes, volcanoes, and lightning jolts uncover that she isn’t safe to constant pressure, that expect her to burrow profound sorrows and spills her internal turmoil in the celebration of fresh starts.

Most of the positive energy in our body is adopted from Mother Earth which helps to heal our body and soul and stay emotionally connected to life. When this energy is deficient you lack the feeling of well-being. Stress and anxiety exist whenever the balance of positive energy in our body is disturbed. So therefore lack of earth grounding energy leads to depression.

This deficiency of earth energy can be increased by adopting certain practices in our day-to-day life. Greeting the Earth by Standing barefoot on the ground will help the earth energy to enter your body. Yoga practise on bare ground is a great way of grounding one self and releasing all negative ions. Meditation beads like rudraksha and tulsi interspersed with semi precious stones like clear quartz and smoky quartz are constantly discharging the negativity from our aura.

Using earth grounding furnitures made from old Indian woods studded with brass and iron that attracts the electromagnetic charge and grounds it through the wood into earth. Wood carvings and sculptures of Ganesha, who is the Lord of the Root Chakra and is the primal source of creation are beautiful and unique decor ideas for your consciousness. Be Conscious in living, in doing and in thought, be guided by ancient spirituality and be one with Mother Earth, be grounded to her source and she will take you to newer and brighter horizons, increasing the vibration with in you manifold.

Source by Era Chandok