Esoteric Meaning Behind Jesus and Apostles Crossing Lake to Other Side

When reading this and other scriptures, it’s worth bearing in mind that such verses were compiled by highly evolved minds, souls who themselves attained to the Miraculous levels of consciousness presented here.

Mystical in essence, this particular verse is not about 12 men and a skipper getting in to a wooden boat and rowing frantically across to the other side of a physical lake.

The events of this verse are played-out deep within each soul.

When cognized spiritually, this verse presents the supreme lesson in soul alchemy, a spiritual platform for launching the asleep soul unto conscious eternity.

With an open mind, then, let us set sail now for this other side, to the latent magnificence resident within each of us — paraphrasing esoterically as we voyage along.

Mark 4-35 “On the evening of that same day, Jesus said: let us go across to the other side of the Lake”.

“Jesus said” is referring to the innate higher authority within each soul.

“On the evening of that same day”: “evening” meaning settling of mental activity in preparation for crossover or Passover. “same day”, meaning, moment of actual crossover.

“Other boats were there too”: accumulation of world conditioning forming the spiritually asleep state of mind.

So, WHERE physically is this other side, and WHAT specifically is this boat?

Boat, in this instance, is referring to the lower-self or carnal mind in need of transformation or, aligned cosmically.

So, getting into the boat of lower-self is about bringing pure conscious awareness to bear upon the carnal mind state and the surrounding feeder faculties which are also rooted in spiritual ignorance.

As mentioned earlier, this entire scripture takes place within the overall person in terms of mind, body, spirit.

So, with this perspective in mind:

What are the mechanism faculties used in getting the human soul to the other side?

The answer is, the Apostles.

But, who or what are these 12 apostles?

The apostles are inner faculties representing the 12 aspects of the human personality, the human soul, which, on coming into this world, are non-developed spiritually. Thus, the apostles at this stage — in the boat of lower-self — are spiritually asleep in matters of divine correspondence.

Hence, when Jesus awoke from slumber at the back of the boat – awakening soul potential — this signifies awakening the inner aspects unto serving spiritually. It’s how lower-self status commences journeying to the other side, thereby familiarization in divine standard of consciousness.

The 12 apostles are also referred to in Scripture as the 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 baskets or the 12 cranial nerves located in the brain.

The reality is, from birth, there are twelve undeveloped aspects of every soul in need of spiritual awakening, and that these aspects are to be developed for the expression of good ONLY – the opposite of carnality.

The 12 aspects of soul — the apostles — are:

Faith, strength, Wisdom/discernment, Love, Power, Imagination, Understanding, Will, Order, Zeal, Renunciation and Life conserving.

These then are our God-given faculties — innate potentials of the soul — which crossing to the other side aims at establishing in consciousness in our daily life.

Now, how do we cross this lake?


The term ‘trans’ is Latin for ‘cross’ over, therefore, going to the other side is referring to transcendence, crossing the mire of spiritual ignorance unto higher awareness within our own consciousness.

Transcendence takes awareness beyond the lower-self, beyond the struggles of everyday life — beyond the Jordan River — to the level of ‘milk and honey’ consciousness, that is, transitioning unto our Higher Self.

But, most pivotally, transcendence takes consciousness into previously unexplored realms of Self. By unleashing a surge of bliss, transcendence miraculously changes the inner mental landscape which takes mind-brain to higher levels of cosmic consciousness, thus triggering empowerment of the 12 potentials or faculties simultaneously.

The Crowd

Mark 4–36 states: “so they left the crowd”.

‘Crowd’ here does not mean crowds of people. Esoteric crowd represents confusion, inner conflict, emotional thought patterns, stressors and worries – the human psychological condition.

In this context, crossing to the other side commences with ‘crowd’ calming, taking the agitated mind out of repetitive thought recycling to the activity of ‘no-mind’ – cessation of thought-flow.

The Storm

Mark 4-37 says “Suddenly a storm blew up”, meaning, loss of emotional poise to anger flare-up.

Mark 4-38 “Jesus was sleeping on a pillow” at the stern of the boat. In other words, inner Christ awareness was absent in our daily affairs.

“the disciples woke him up and said, Teacher, don’t you care that we are about to die?” meaning, without input of higher spiritual awareness into the human condition, the inner aspects — the apostles — die spiritually.

The term Teacher refers to In-tuition, teaching from within, or the Holy Spirit in action.

Jesus replied, “have you still no faith?”

Faith here is not a set of dogmatic belief systems. Faith, rather, is come upon, it’s not imposed intellectually from outside sources.

Faith, experientially, presents as free flowing silence within, which, when come upon, reflect as free flowing life, or faith. In other words, free flowing faith happens when not Impeded by lower-self.

‘Jesus stood up and commanded the wind and waves’: “be still – be quite”, meaning, conscious use of divine authority with conviction: giving conscious direction to life in faith, with commitment, thereby not surrendering emotional poise to habitual ignorance convenience, for such is how lower-ego thrives.

Mature Quietude

While storm resilience is developed through stillness and mental quietude, it needs time to mature. Thus mature quietude is achieved by regular daily meditation, and is why Jesus said “have you STILL no faith?” Meaning, have you not been practicing mature quietude daily.

Jesus’ words here are addressing the individual’s own quietude, and not a group of people.

Faith-maturing thus is about journeying within unto pure revelatory silence.

Causes of Human Storm

Using a weather analogy: when high pressure clashes with low pressure — particularly at change of season – high winds and storms can arise.

In other words, emotional turbulence can arise consequent of crossing from one shoreline to another — transitioning out of chaos and sin to its opposite, purity and silence.

Emotional upheaval can also arise through unfulfilled expectations. When carnal desires remain unfulfilled through our chosen lower-self route. An indication indeed that carnal desire and spiritual insight are out of synch.

Inner turmoil can result consequent of built-up stress: pent-up feelings which can trigger explosive anger leading to deterioration of the 12 faculties. Thus anger is thy most toxic emotion to the human organism.

But storms primarily arise through lack of Self-expression creating blockage to the free-flowing nature of life. Lack of Self-expression contributes greatly to anxiety and depression, particularly among younger people.

Putting ‘storm’ into esoteric context

As Christ-awareness enters into the deeper mind, it’s then that we begin consciously facing carnality, addictions and the plethora of animalistic content inherent due to spiritual ignorance, such is what keeps the soul imprisoned.

As spiritual awareness dawns, suppression is challenged directly by the Christ within the individual.

During this awakening process, the new spiritual and old carnal clash and we become super-sensitive. Thus, as we adjust out of addictive comfort zone level into new spiritual soul settings, our mental environment is jolted upwards. People and environment will be as feed-back reflectors to how emotionally mature, or otherwise, we are at any given moment.

In other words, the inner storm dynamic comes into play so that we may face suppression, our jailer, consciously thereby freedom from addictive thought patterns leading to authentic Self-expression.

This now is where Mark 4-35 changes dramatically

Mark 5-1: “Jesus and his disciples arrived on the other side of Lake Galilee”, in the territory of Gerasa.

So, we remember, at the beginning, the disciples got into the boat, meaning conscious awareness entering into lower-self, in meditation, and that Jesus was already sitting in the boat, but, as yet, not triggered into experiential Christ awareness.

In other words, as Jesus was already in the boat it represents the inherent Spark of enlightenment within each soul unconditionally. By route of “crossing” in meditation, the Spark is now ignited and has arrived on the other side unto Christ consciousness.

Biblical Jesus thus represents inner Potential: the ideal human in process of perfecting spiritually.

We notice that the individual apostles did not get out of the boat — for they in fact make up the boat structure which in its entirety is in need of awakening spiritually. Instead, by Jesus – the now ignited Spark — becoming the Christ, the apostles got out of the boat of lower-self transformed AS Christ awareness.

In other words, as transcendence neutralizes carnal mind activity, lower-self loses its sphere of influence and nobler intentions begin asserting through Christ consciousness.

Mark 5-2: “As soon as Jesus got out of the boat — Spark transcending from lower-self unto Christ — he was met by a man – a demon — who came out of the burial caves there”.

This ‘man’ or manifestation, represents the unclean: the suppressed cumulative content of carnal thought responsible for keeping the apostles — faculties –asleep in lower-self standard.

The demon’s name was ‘Mob’, indicating groups of associate thought patterns entombing the soul in spiritual ignorance, or hell within.

Demons are negative traits through which carnal nature survives: soul-corroding influences which take over the inner faculties designed for spiritual expression in Christ standard — symbolized as the 12 apostles.

These negative traits will not relinquish by human effort, thus quietude, leading to transcendence, ignites the innately present Jesus Spark within, which Spark, through regular meditation and spiritual expression, becomes the Christ Flame, which alone rids demon darkness.

such is how, on arrival on the other side as Christ Light — Transcendence — the demons “came out”, surfaced for conscious integration.

Gerasa is within:

When the human soul has transcended beyond lower-self influence unto the Miraculous, thus Christ light enters into the submerged burial grounds of a festering carnal mind from where demons are banished.

Establishing Permanency

As soul transitions from carnal to spiritual, from lower to Higher Self, our once constricted mental landscape begins vibrating on a broader frequency level. Finally, we begin hearing the still small voice spoken of by’seers’ of every generation who traversed this very inward path of transcendence unto soul liberation.

Therefore, having achieved Awakened standard, establishing permanency within consciousness becomes the imperative, when mastery over the previously uncontrollable demon-nature is accomplished.

Here, application of post meditative awareness — within our allotted duties — is key. The activity roots spiritual progress into the nervous system, whereby mind can experience higher states of consciousness. The Miraculous awareness awaiting each soul that transcends daily to the other side unto Christ within.—Primordial-Sound-of-Creation-and-the-Scriptures&id=9836137

Source by Raymond Patrick Phelan