Eternity and One Conscious Lifetime

Liberation of the soul, from deeply-rooted mental-emotional mind states, some say, takes many lifetimes. When written or spoken about generally, the practicality pertaining to these words is never adequately qualified in any relatable way. Thus, through misinterpretation, the original intention attaching to ‘many lifetimes’ and ‘rebirth’, has been greatly misrepresented through misunderstanding.

This article sets about qualifying these terms by putting them into a practical, relatable setting.

The general understanding in this area of rebirth and many lifetimes is, that if a soul, during its earth lifetime, was non-compliant spiritually with the laws or rules of Nature — action and reaction – that this is deemed legitimate reason for that soul to rebirth back on earth thereby gain further purification toward the soul’s final liberation from repetitive rebirth.

So let us focus in on this last sentence and see what it reveals through the lens of the immortal Bhagavad-Gita.

Gita Chapter 6-45 states:

“But the yogi who strives with zeal, purified of all sin and perfected through many births, thereupon reaches the transcendent goal”.

When Bhagavad-Gita refers to many births, it is not referring to many lifetimes as in many more physical womb rebirths as such. Therefore, even though many womb lifetimes may in fact be required for an individual soul to gain final liberation, many womb rebirths are not numerically requisite in all situations – as we shall see.

The question arises, therefore: when IS it many lifetimes and many rebirths in one sense, and NOT many lifetimes and rebirths in another? In other words, notwithstanding that we’ve each clocked up many lifetimes, what criteria ultimately decides when ‘many lifetimes’ have been achieved and rebirth is no longer required?

For instance, if we had said or heard 100 or 1000 lifetimes, or more, ago, that soul liberation takes many, many lifetimes, one would assume by now to be spiritually awakened and liberated from repetitive rebirthing back on earth?

If we accept that it takes many, many lifetimes to gain final purification, then we must evaluate this acceptance against where exactly we are spiritually today, given all of our previous lifetime experiences. In other words, are we making any progress.

‘Many lifetimes’ and ‘rebirth’ thus have two simultaneous avenues of usage – literally and metaphysically — and knowing their esoteric difference is vital as we journey unto eternal unity with the Divine.

Gaining Pure Existence

Due to non-integrated emotional thought patterns within the deeper physiology, thus the principle of repetitive womb rebirth makes perfect sense. Conversely, many ‘ordinary’ people, in the everyday marketplace, have actually achieved integration, liberation, through the process of meditation, more specifically, transcendence meditation, the state of consciousness which nullifies and neutralizes residual karmic ‘sin’ patterns, causal of rebirth.

Due to cessation of individual ‘me’ ‘mine’ existence during transcendence, the understanding thus, regards many lifetimes, is that, each transcendence in meditation is equivalent to one lifetime, one rebirth; equivalent to being reborn anew, now, while sitting on the chair. So, in the context of liberation taking many lives, it simply means repeating many, many sessions of meditation, of gaining transcendence, thereby achieving pure Existence, meaning one conscious lifetime in this lifetime.

Spiritual Intellect

Transcendence is a most subtle and refined activity which transforms the human animalistic paradigm into a spiritually based state of pure awareness – known in eastern traditions as no-mind, or Samadhi, Nirnava.

As deeper mind begins to open, in meditation, the soul’s spiritual qualities of unconditional love and divine awareness begin to emerge within, which practical spiritual progress, while spiritually asleep, can indeed take many physical womb lifetimes to achieve.

From this perspective, to a committed meditator, liberation is about LIVING one fully-conscious egoless lifetime through a decontaminated soul — expressing post meditative nature in our every thought, word and deed through a consciousness rooted in compassionate-love.

Many meditations thus neutralize unconscious content, the non-soul serving thought patterns lodged in deeper mind consequent of previous ignorance-based lifetimes; which ‘lodgements’, through meditation, become de-valued, de-habituated, de-potentialized as an auto-response dynamic in our daily lives.

As these toxic deposits begin to lose currency, Life, in its true pure abundance begins zooming into blissful focus all around us. Inner and outer begin reflecting harmoniously with each other as one conscious relationship with the Divine, with eternity.

This is when mind, nervous-system and five senses start becoming cultured into withstanding bliss-purity, when the organism physiology is actually experiencing Godly — living divinely in Pure present- moment awareness.

Hence the biblical words: “heaven and earth” – mind-body — are full of thy glory” – established in purity.

Consciousness carries on

Given that our consciousness carries on eternally, it’s vital that soul gains its highest Purity state now, in this lifetime, as one conscious lifetime.

Therefore, establishing purity in deeper mind becomes imperative, when new ‘desire seeds’ fail to register deep impressions upon the mind for any future re-enacting, which dynamic was not pertaining while in spiritual ignorance.

Stress essentially is what maintains spiritual ignorance, causal of sustaining the unconscious content dynamic.

It becomes apparent, that, conscious and unconscious are not two separate minds as such. The unconscious [mind] as stated earlier, represents non-conscious content, the mountain of sin gained over many ignorance-based lifetimes.

This dynamic remains until such content is made conscious: integrated into one conscious lifetime, when human consciousness becomes orientated in cosmic consciousness.

The purpose of daily meditation thus is about neutralizing this dense unconscious layer presenting as ‘me’ ‘mine’ ‘I do this I do that’ identity, which delusional identification has blighted our consciousness and stifled spiritual growth in every rebirth.

Meditation brings about a thinning of this false identity until eventually consciousness is clear enough to reflect eternal divine nature: when soul is found amenable to pure Existence: Pure Immaterial Awareness while still in a material body.

Given that we’ve ALREADY ‘clocked up’ many lifetimes, and that, ultimately, liberation IS through human life on earth and not somewhere else, let us look at the practical mechanism which dissolves cyclical sin-cloud production — the veil of ignorance keeping the soul in bondage –thereby ultimate liberation in a single lifetime, this lifetime, should we so choose, consciously.

Getting to know the ALL-Now — Now

The physical universe is expanding by so many millions of miles per second, and will do so eternally.

In relation to the human soul, then, what does universe expansion reflect? It reflects that we’re each a microcosm of the Macrocosm, a seed within a Seed of unending growth.

Bible puts it: “go forth and multiply”, meaning, expand or increase in bliss consciousness, in love capacity; expand beyond human limitation and spiritual blindness into All-seeing, All-loving, the ALL-Now Omnipotent consciousness. In other words, soul is not designed for inertia or restriction in divine expression. Therefore, the more soul expresses love, the more love multiplies, expands within consciousness.

Practically speaking, then, how do we kick-start expansion of love, how does soul multiply to limitless capacity of love for expression?

The answer is, by becoming ‘least’ in mind, by reducing to ‘point’ awareness, or zero ego.

In other words, the opposite of ‘least’ or ‘point’ is infinity, eternity.

The process of expansion of love-consciousness is triggered by contraction of conscious mind to ‘point’.

Becoming as such is to present at the threshold of infinity.

Thus, merging with point — or zero ego — establishes conscious awareness of transcendental pure silence, through which, purified or perfected love finds natural inner/outer expansion of love, simultaneously. At this level of awareness, there is no perceived ‘separate’ between inner-outer. All is One, all is Now – the single conscious lifetime.

The following may help clarify focussed ‘point’ awareness.

In Vedic Literature, the letter ‘A’ plays a major role in Self-Realization. Thus the sacred word Atma – or Soul — is referring to ‘At mA, meaning ‘A’ is at mA or, soul is at eternal point and infinity simultaneously.

Within the formation of ‘A’ it can be seen how the expanse of infinity merges to become point. On contact with this ‘A’ point in mind, awareness thus expands into infinity, to collapse back into point, to explode back into infinity, which event can happen repeatedly in a single meditation.

Thus by training the mind in contraction to point zero in daily meditation, expansion of consciousness, of love, is achieved with ease.

‘A’ point thus contains the sacred ‘Ingredient’ which awakens the human soul’s capacity of remembrance of eternal consciousness.

Point and infinity both contain the eternal memory of each other.

But, while this is so, this cosmic state remains only as potential. It lies dormant within each human being until activated in the mind between the eyebrows where point is located – pineal gland. Without ‘point’ contacting, then human knowledge lacks the dimension of divine wisdom, plus the inability of the intellect to discern spiritually or grasp higher understanding.

The audible sound AAAAHHH represents the sound of ecstasy, bliss or GAAAD. When this joyful sound reverberates through the mind silently on point contacting — in meditation — thus we’re on our way to achieving that unending single conscious lifetime.

Vibratory AAAHHH emits waves of bliss into the deeper mind which germinate the soul’s eternal Love Seed into healing, into lifting the veil — of sin — suppressing the soul’s dormant potential, which healing is carried on at divine level.

Similarly, the words Samadhi and Nirvana, when broken down, contain vibrational ‘A’ point, the sacred resonance for ‘spiritual birth’ within consciousness.

While ‘A’ represents New beginning, ‘A’ also contains the All-Now, meaning, all that Is, Was and Will be – the potential awaiting each soul on gaining liberation from the bondage of sin.

Meditation is an ancient tradition which predates all the major religions, and is best performed seated while silently inner hearing the sacred mantra-sound, Aum.—Primordial-Sound-of-Creation-and-the-Scriptures&id=9836137

Source by Raymond Patrick Phelan