Feeling Bodily Sensations Related to the Inner-Body – What is This, and How to Develop?

As we become more spiritually aware, we start to notice our inner spiritual body, and the feelings and emotions which connect this to our grosser physical body.

These inner feelings and emotions can be interpreted as an inner voice or guidance system, which helps us to be more in tune with our Self and the environment.

People often say they have a gut feeling about something; but these feelings can be experienced in all parts of the body. When you get good at noticing these feelings you will also notice them on the outside of your body, within the Aura.

You may feel these like cobwebs around you when you are in a charged atmosphere. Most people know that you can have an EEG machine measure your brain waves. Your thinking process is on many levels and has many dimensions to it.

Your brain waves do not just appear in your head; your whole body has this web of energy flowing though it. Your nervous system operates using this energy. Nevertheless, these subtle energies do not just flow through you like electricity; they also have magnetism or a field of energy, which forms the aura of the body on many levels.

What are these sensations? They are your spirit body or the energy blueprint of your body; some people refer to them as the inner angel body. You are a Spiritual Being looking out from this physical body.

How can you develop your spiritual awareness further? Through observing yourself; most spiritual practices, like meditation, turn your spiritual energy back on itself through self-awareness.

Knowing yourself brings wisdom; when something becomes self-aware and knows itself, Intelligence becomes self-aware, which makes it intelligent. You cannot use the gifts you have been born with, until you know they are there to be used.

Self-knowledge helps you to grow in awareness; it allows you to relax and expand your awareness, so all the different aspects of yourself can integrate and become whole.

Through relaxing and releasing tension in the body, we open up the energy meridians, which allow these life forces to flow freely. As they flow and know themselves, we build up our aura and the magnetic energy field that creates Charisma around us.

This internal frame of reference allows our mind to grow in strength, so we get a clear picture of what we want and what is right and wrong for us. We start to glow from within and shine our light around us, as we walk along the street.

We create an energy field around us, which causes the environment to react to us and support us. We become a magnet that people like to be around because we express our abundance, joy and happiness at just being alive.

Source by George Lockett