Gaining Spiritual Insights (Part 1)

Spiritual insights provide the foundation of walking with and serving God faithfully with confidence. It’s a greater part of self-improvement on the spiritual aspects of our life. Spiritual blindness is worst sometimes more than the physical blindness. We’re guided in our natural life by our five senses which forms the basis of all that we do as humans. To gain spiritual insight therefore demands the transition from the natural into the spiritual by the process of revelation. This isn’t on the counter self-improvement prods, that’s promoted to do magic once you get home. It takes time and experience to develop spiritual insights.

Your spirituality is deepened as you walk patiently with the Lord Jesus in practical life’s issues. The early development of Samuel who turned out to be a stalwart prophet of his day was a mixture of faithfulness and immaturity. The Lord called out to Samuel several times and in each episode, he ran to Eli the priest who admitted that he didn’t call him. Even though he served God day and night in the House of the Lord in Shiloh, his spiritual insight was not yet perfected. You can serve the Lord as a born again believer and still be limited in unlocking spiritual insights.

Eli the priest provided the training and mentored Samuel on responding to the acts and ways of God. It’s said in the Bible, “Now Samuel did not know the Lord, neither was the word of the Lord yet revealed unto him” (1 Samuel 3:1). The importance of spiritual coaches or mentors can’t be over emphasized as the Bible is full with such examples. You need a spiritual mentor that can disciple you in walking with God unto maturity. Samuel did graduate from his school of the Prophets under Eli the Priest and became an independent prophet that the Lord God used to accomplish great works in Israel.

Spiritual mentoring was one of the Lord Jesus daily responsibilities as he walked his chosen twelve through how to deal with spiritual matters. Despite their diverse backgrounds, this training prepared them well to take over the work of world evangelization when Jesus Christ ascended back to heaven. (2 Peter 1:19-21) gives us powerful insights as touching the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The Bible is a sure prophetic pronouncement over our lives such that even if there were no living prophet or prophetess today, we’re not shortchanged. We’ve the required and inspired manuscript to successfully serve God.

As the scripture is studied diligently and prayerfully, you will gain helpful insights, not just on the spiritual aspects only. This can impact upon business, relationships, marriages and all.

Disadvantages of Lack of Spiritual Insights

1. Self-centered lifestyle

2. Life without spiritual perspective (living for here and now)

3. Deadness and blindness in the inner person (conscience, soul)

4. Retarded progress and regrettable mistakes

5. Disconnection from spiritual realm of life

When we open our Bibles, it’s important we open our minds and hearts (spirit) for illumination and inspiration. Until God’s word becomes the light in our spirit, we walk in darkness of the natural aspect of life. The word of God should not be approached intellectually but as the source of spiritual life and insights.

In part 2 we will learn about five powerful secrets of uncovering spiritual insights. We will also learn about five must ask questions that validate spiritual insights. In essence it’s crucial that people who seek to please the Lord and carry out his mandate, seek earnestly how to gain verifiable spiritual insights.

Source by Dr. Ephraim John Udofia