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Spiritual Detachment In The Tantra Relationship

At first, the two concepts of ‘detachment’ and ‘relationship’ seem to be incompatible. A tantra teacher who touches on this subject will usually hear questions such as, “How can one be detached in a relationship? Will detachment in a relationship not utterly ruin the whole thing?” But we are not discussing typical relationships, and also […]

Attune Your Aura

A strong, vibrant aura is essential for Spirit Contact, so if you want to be a medium or hear messages from your guides and angels, daily exercises to attune your aura will help. Other than meditation, there are a couple of exercises that used daily will attune your aura. Strengthening and attuning your aura creates […]

Pu-erh Tea – To Your Health

When you’re ready, you will get to know Pu-erh tea. It will be the best thing you can do for the health of your body, mind, and spirit. Pu-erh is the healthiest of all the teas and is widely available today in the West. There seems to be endless media hype about green tea. And […]

What Would a Soulless World Look Like?

I have had a couple of pretty good debates with some people on the existence of the soul recently. This debate gets tedious as both sides can never empirically claim victory for either the presence of a soul or the lack of it (assuming this point must be argued at an empirical level). I personally […]

Spiritual Law – The Divine Selection

There is a Divine Selection in every area of your life. In the spiritual realm there is only perfection. There is no fear, doubt or worry. Everything exists perfectly. You live in a physical dimension here on earth. There is a struggle to understand and balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels because we […]

Prayers Against the Spirit of Bondage

If you notice any of the following in your lifestyle or you can answer yes to one or all of the following questions, then you need to watch out, you are probably been afflicted with the spirit of Bondage. Do you always feel bitter unnecessarily? Do you notice depression in your life most of the […]