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Fruitfulness in Spiritual Development

Genuine spiritual development produces fruits. Bearing fruit is the natural outcome of maturity. A plant cannot bear fruit while it is still young, immature for its kind. It has to wait for some months or years. Some plants mature in a matter of months, like the eggplant. But other plants mature in years like the […]

The Spirituality of Avatar

It is hard to fill a cup that is already full. -Mo’at (played by CCH Pounder) in Avatar (2009). The mother of Neytiri in James Cameron’s Avatar, Mo’at, is the Tsahik (Righteous One, shaman or spiritual teacher) of the Omaticaya clan (the Na’vi). In the quote above upon meeting him in avatar form, she notes […]

To Arrive in the Place Where You Are Not: Fallacies of the Spiritual Path

Today, the spiritual field is littered with half-baked truths, crackpot facts, unthought-out meanings and downright lies. For the truth to appear clearly and distinctly amid the hub-bub is a tall order. Perhaps it is best announced quietly, strongly and in a regular voice to distinguish it from spirituality dressed up as business, spiritual liberation presented […]

The Spiritual Contract of Marriage

The other day I wrote about the civil contract of marriage. Let me jump into an area of thought that is very subjective.. the spiritual. Or, is it subjective? Let’s make the observation right at the beginning that many of the lifelong marriages we’ve known about have survived incredible pressures because of their faith in […]