Spiritual Law – The Divine Selection

There is a Divine Selection in every area of your life. In the spiritual realm there is only perfection. There is no fear, doubt or worry. Everything exists perfectly. You live in a physical dimension here on earth. There is a struggle to understand and balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels because we have been taught that it is difficult or unattainable. There is, however, a simple understanding that can bridge the gaps between the physical and the spiritual. It is called the spoken word. Behind every word you speak there is an energy attached to it. If you speak out of anger, your result is chaotic. If you speak out of love, your result is peaceful. If you speak out of fear, your result is delayed or distorted.

To bring into your life what you desire first you must be aware of what you want. What is it that will bring lasting happiness and fulfillment into your life? Are you willing to do whatever you have to do to have it? If you know what you want and you are willing to do what you have to then you have already let go of the attachment to how it should come to pass. The #1 block to creating what we want is our attachment to how things should be. This is also called fear.

There is a divine selection for all you desire. This means that your absolute perfect creation, your divine purpose is waiting for you to acknowledge it. Your purpose involves the feelings of bliss, happiness, excitement and fun. It should not feel like work. Sometimes it only takes a shift in perception to also realize you are living your purpose. If we are out of sync spiritually, nothing will feel completely fulfilling.

When you speak out loud what you want, you bring about a chemical change in your body. The cells in your body respond to your thoughts and to the power and feeling behind your words. That is why people who think negative thoughts have lines on their faces and a crooked demeanor. People who think positive thoughts and are active in self-development have a glow to them. Our thoughts and words are that powerful. As a result, your surroundings will reflect what you send out in thought, word and action.

If you want to bring something new into your life you must first trust that you are meant to have it. God, your creator, the Universe, has your best interests in mind. That means that you are supposed to have the best of the best. Saying simple affirmations or declarations begin to dissolve any fearful or doubtful thoughts you may be having about what you would like to have in your life. Imagine the possibility that with speaking and believing what you say, comes your perfect demonstration or result. We should be excited to see how God will fulfill our desires and needs today not worried about how things might or might now happen or how we should prepare for the worst.

Your subconscious mind knows no difference between reality and illusion. If you feel something strongly and repeat it, then the subconscious mind holds it as true and begins to find ways to manifest it. Here are some statements you can repeat that will begin to mark some changes in your subconscious mind.

The Divine Plan of my life now comes to pass in the most miraculous ways.

My Divine Partner/Mate/Soul mate is now brought to me under the law of grace in the most miraculous ways. We are made one now and forever more.

My Divine Career is now made manifest. I am excited to see how the Divine Work of my life unfolds before me.

Every cell in my body is radiant. I am healed. I am healed. I am healed.

My happiness pours out through me. Happy circumstances now come to pass and I see the work of the Divine in all I do.

You can apply these statements to different areas of your life by changing some of the wording. An affirmation should be a command with expectancy and gratitude. The spiritual realm surpasses the reasoning mind. As you work with creating from a spiritual point of view, you will find that the way things come about in your life may not make complete sense. When your desires begin to show up, laugh and enjoy the wonders of this spiritual gift we have all been given. It is wondrous! If you try to reason how everything is showing up, then you put on the brakes to the miraculous ways of God.

You must trust that spiritual law is always working. You must trust that as your desires manifest it is real. You must trust that God and the Universe fulfill your desires as you ask. Ask by declaring it! It is your right to have the happiness you deserve and it is now time to do things in a different light.

Have unwavering FAITH. Find a support system. BELIEVE even when you can’t yet see it in front of you. You can always see it and hold the picture in your mind. What you hold in your mind, will come to pass before you. TRUST that the way things look in your life right now are only temporary. By changing your mind, you change your words, you change your actions, you change your life. Bless one another by saying affirmations for each other. When you speak in love for one another, you create harmony, peace and more love. You help others fulfill and live their purpose. As a result, you are also blessed with all you desire.

The possibilities are truly endless. May all of your dreams come true! They are meant to!

Source by Marilyn Rodriguez