Reincarnation Is Taboo in Religious Circles

A couple of days ago I mentioned reincarnation to a friend and she ended up in tears. At first her eyes were almost on her cheeks with surprise as she told me that she had been searching for answers to her suspicions for years. The more she heard about my experience the more excited she became.

This is my experience with most people to whom I am led by the Spirit to talk. They have been searching because something is making them aware that they have a sense of spirituality that is not being met.

My passage from life to life happened rather quickly but the memory and knowledge was retained. Between lives there is nothing but extreme darkness and awareness of one’s spirituality. That means there is no heaven, hell, devils, angels or saints. These are props for religious reasons.

It’s why reincarnation is preached against and why people like me are called devils. Anyone who challenges the establishment is an outcast and that is something I needed to get around before speaking out.

The Spirit opposes religion and has been put into the role of the devil. That is because spiritual power is with its own people and they experience healing, visions, prophesies and peace that truly is beyond understanding. Religious people, on the other hand, suffer loss; torture; torment; disease; war; loss; and everything else this world throws up.

One sees that in countries and regions where the grip of religious leaders controls situations. That is what they are frightened of. They may wear ridiculous costumes, pray to their idols all day long, and celebrate so-called festivals and birthdays of prophets, etc. only to find their houses blown down soon after, as happened this week in the USA following Easter, mudslides covering thousands, earthquakes and other things taking heavy tolls.

The spiritual would be warned ahead of time to flee or not to enter these regions. Their inner knowledge protects and guides them in all things and they are able to survive.

Everyone who ever lived is reincarnated as told in Daniel 12:13. We are all standing today in our bodies awaiting the judgement of the Spirit. Those who have adhered to their spirituality and are in favour have done no wrong during the course of the day of the Lord. That is the length of time since the first spiritual people appeared, according to Genesis Chapter 2.

They were sent out to be tested and to be literally tortured and killed for their views. They are all, however, back now and the separation is taking place. Those who are not spiritual have done evil things and will go forever. The Spiritual, however, will live forever on a restored earth. That is the promise that religions cannot face.

Source by Norma Holt