Pu-erh Tea – To Your Health

When you’re ready, you will get to know Pu-erh tea. It will be the best thing you can do for the health of your body, mind, and spirit. Pu-erh is the healthiest of all the teas and is widely available today in the West.

There seems to be endless media hype about green tea. And there are certainly health benefits of green tea. But Pu-erh is better for you. It has more antioxidants than green tea though it’s usually unsung by the media.

And Pu-erh has probiotics too, since it’s fermented. This is like yogurt or the more obscure kefir. They’re friendly bacteria that help your digestion and ward off sickness instead of cause it.

Pu-erh also is known as a powerful cholesterol fighter. Studies have shown it to lower cholesterol as well as some major statin medications. It’s the best tea you can drink with a meal high in fat since it cuts the grease.

For the mind, it is often more energizing than other kinds of tea. Different kinds will have different effects, but many raw Pu-erhs give the most kick of any tea and are thus a suitable tea for weaning yourself off coffee.

There are two kinds of Pu-erh: raw and ripe. The raw is “as-is” and the ripe is cooked to make it seem more aged. It is the only tea that can improve with age and for this reason is often compared to wine.

Finally, there are spiritual health benefits to know about. Pu-erh might be considered the most spiritual of all the teas, and this is an honor considering that tea has such a vast root in the ancient Orient and branches from Britain to the rest of the world in the modern era.

It’s often described as a living tea. Sampling different ones from different vendors will show you unique personalities just as you’ll find with meeting new people. It is indeed living water, not only the spiritual but the holy tea.

Do a search on the Internet for Pu-erh tea. And reward yourself with some. It will replace not only coffee for you but also alcohol. It’s the best favor you could possibly do for yourself.

Source by Jason Witt