Godzilla Vs. Kong's Confusing Moments Explained

Godzilla vs. Kong is everything moviegoers could have expected from a monster movie that pitted two of the most iconic big screen monsters against each other. City skyscrapers became casualties, and the masses yelled and ran at the sight of these two giant monsters.

The audience got what they wanted, and the plotline for Godzilla vs. Kong seemed straightforward and filled with carnage, destruction, and non-stop action. However, the movie did have a few confusing moments that may require some explanation.

You loved the epic battles, but let’s take a look at some explanations to the confusing moments in Godzilla vs. Kong.

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Who discovered Hollow Earth? | 0:00
What’s up with Hollow Earth physics? | 1:08
Who is Ren Serizawa? | 2:35
How did Kong get so big? | 3:33
Why does Mechagodzilla hate Godzilla? | 5:01
What is that device? | 6:05
How does Kong’s axe work? | 7:36
Whats going on with that tunnel? | 9:03
Who won? | 10:45

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