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The Ending Of Moonfall Explained

In “Moonfall,” humanity comes face to face with its greatest threat: the moon. But why is the moon attacking Earth? How did any of these circumstances come to be? And, most importantly, how much did Credence Clearwater Revival know and for how long did they know it? As it turns out, the climax of “Moonfall” […]

The History Of Middle Earth Explained

J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy sagas The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were brought to life on the big screen by acclaimed director Peter Jackson, but even though those six movies gave moviegoers hours of the Middle-earth experience, they only cover a small portion of the fictional world’s entire history. Tolkien created languages, poems, songs, […]

Characters In Godzilla Vs. Kong With More Meaning Than You Think

Godzilla vs. Kong’s title says it all, and movie fans were treated to the epic slugfest of gigantic proportions that they expected. Buildings crumbled and masses ran away screaming when these two iconic movie monsters went toe-to-toe. Even though the movie’s plotline revolved around the rivalry between these two juggernauts, the movie is actually more […]