The Ending Of Moonfall Explained

In “Moonfall,” humanity comes face to face with its greatest threat: the moon. But why is the moon attacking Earth? How did any of these circumstances come to be? And, most importantly, how much did Credence Clearwater Revival know and for how long did they know it? As it turns out, the climax of “Moonfall” is even wilder than the marketing for the movie would have you believe. If you walked away from the film scratching your head or you just want to know what happens in the film, we’ve got you covered. This is the ending of “Moonfall” explained.

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Keep your secrets… | 0:00
Plan B? | 1:32
We choose to blow up the moon | 2:55
Hold that thought… | 3:45
The secret history of humanity | 4:22
Now the work begins… | 6:44

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