Have a Down-to-Earth Spiritual Awakening

In the East they say you need to wash your teacup before you meditate. What that tells us is that you need to be fully grounded in physical reality before zooming off into the ozone of spiritual adventure.

For some people, the ozone is a place they feel comfortable in. They like the experience of sort of floating in the ethers, playing with metaphysical concepts, doing the airy-fairy thing. That’s all very nice, but if you’re not grounded, you’re completely missing the point of being here on Earth.

If what you wanted was to float in higher consciousness and fly with angels, then you wouldn’t have decided to come to Earth at this time. In your physical body and in the physical world around you the levels of experience where you learn about what it means to be a spiritual being having an earthly experience.

I’ve met people who are deeply spiritual and don’t take care of their physical environment, their bodies, and are quite ungrounded-very airy, distracted, not really present. The dichotomy between their spiritual awareness and their physical functioning is quite extreme. That’s probably not the case for you, nor is it for me.

For most of us, we are ungrounded in the present moment because we’re not paying attention, we’re not in awareness. Ram Dass entitled one of his first books way back in the 1960’s, GRIST FOR THE MILL. The reference is that everything that we experience on the physical plane has the potential to lead to enlightenment. Everything. But only if met with present-centered awareness. Only if embraced with the acceptance of higher consciousness. Then, BAM! Washing your teacup could lead to satori. Really. So could brushing your teeth, or tying your shoes…you get it, right?

Emotions are another area where groundedness is essential for ascending higher on the spiritual spiral path. We experience emotions in the body. So….you gotta be present in the body, not numbed out, in order to allow emotional energy to flow through and out the way it’s supposed to.

Take a moment and breathe into your belly. Feel the rise and fall of your chest and belly. Allow your energy to sort of ‘plop’ into your pelvis. Feel your butt on the chair. And your feet on the floor. Now ask yourself what you are feeling and where you are feeling it in your body. Tension? Where? In your shoulders? Anxiety? Where? Solar plexus? Distraction? Where? Head?

Doesn’t really matter what the answers are. The simple act of awareness in the body is grounding. It is the presence to Being, and the consciousness that are key to your Ascending into Mastery.

Make the commitment to check in with your body a few times a day. Notice what your present-centered experience is. Ground yourself in being. You’ll climb much higher in a shorter time if you take the time and care to do this for yourself, honoring your human self.

You are not just a divine being. You are human come to dance with both sides of your nature. Have fun, pay attention, and do it in the world with the rest of us!!


Jan Masters

The Everyday Joy Coach


Source by Janice Masters