Healing – Spiritual, Faith Or Medical?

Where does healing come from? Pills, potions, holistic provisions? Can a medical doctor heal someone just by slicing, dicing, sewing them back up, and then sending them on their way with a handful of prescriptions for drugs that may or may not help facilitate a true healing of the disease at hand?

What is healing, and how does it take place? Perhaps there is a clue in the sentence above. The word facilitate. After all, any sort of drug taken or procedure done can not be said to be the thing that actually heals. They are only an avenue to the desired end result.

Reasoned out in this way it seems obvious to conclude that there must be something else going on behind the scenes. A finer intelligent energy working through the physicians hands, the pharmaceutical drugs, the holistic provisions, and other alternative medicines that people use to acquire the desired end result which is healing from their ills.

Some people think of this energy as God. Some just think of it as energy. Some don’t think of it at all. Whatever it is, mankind has been relying on it from the beginning to cure disease. In the modern era as we understand this energy or these energies more and more, new devices are being developed at a rapid pace to take advantage of it to improve our lives.

Modern day spiritual and faith healers just as in days of old treat the afflicted by the “laying on of hands”. If done successfully is this not just the healer accessing these same hidden or psychic energies to facilitate the healing? Prayer, or focused intent for a desired result relies on the same thing does it not? Medical studies have shown the benefits of prayer, although the scientific community as a whole has yet to really understand how or why it works. Just because the machinery has yet to be invented that can prove scientifically that this energy exists and how it works certainly does not mean that it does not exist or even applicable in our daily lives.

Spiritual healers themselves believe that healing takes place by channeling the healing energy from a higher source. It has some differences from what most people think of as faith healing though in that it is non denominational and does not necessarily require the sick person to share the religious beliefs of the practitioner or even believe in the existence of a God.

The one who is desirous of being healed does need to be open minded to or at least believe that the healing can take place in order for it to work. Depending upon the personality and character as well as the symptoms of the person desiring to be healed the one doing or attempting the healing may vary the particular method of approach to solve the problem. Is this not what a regular medical doctor would do?

Spiritual or psychic healers report that several interpenetrating, subtle energy fields surround the physical body. Most all say similar things in that the physical body is an expression of the states of these energy fields, each of which is distinctly related to an aspect of being whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Spiritual Healing should not be considered an absolute substitution for regular medical treatment or exams. It should be considered as a complementary therapy, compatible with all others forms of treatment. Not too many years ago the chiropractic field was considered by the regular medical community as a whole to be medical quackery. How times change.

Healing by methods other than potions and pills is gaining more and more acceptance as people become more aware of the energies around us and available to us. This can be thought of as natural energy healing, and those who have been practicing holistic medicine, reiki healing, psychic healing and other alternative medicines know all about it. It can complement conventional medicine by treating the entire person. The body, mind, and spirit.

Source by Jack Folsgood