How Can We Let Go of Fear?

Moving from the 3rd Dimension into the 5th Dimension requires an understanding that we are spiritual beings rather than physical beings.

The third dimension is full of fear and physical matter is dense. One cannot manifest from the third dimension. Most news broadcasts put its viewers into the third dimension, which some would pose is where those who own the studios want their viewers. When we are in the 5th dimension, manifesting is easy and immediate.

How Can We Let Go of Fear?

There are several methods for letting go of fear or the belief that generated the fear. Some prefer Sedona Method, and some prefer The Work by Byron Katie. I like Ho’oponopono and the Busting Loose methods because they remind me that I am a spiritual person creating whatever pickle I might be in at the moment. Ho’oponopono refers to it as 100% responsibility.

This in itself is sometimes enough without actually doing the method. You are the creator of your life and everything — absolutely everything in it including the challenges. They explain in A Course in Miracles that there is no miracle needed because God didn’t create anything that wasn’t perfect. Any illness is an imperfection created by the ego/false belief and can be fixed by realizing that there was no illness in the first place.

Understanding that you are capable already is a 4th dimension quality. Love is another quality of the 4th dimension. It is not possible to be loving and fearful as the first fills your life with light, and the second can only be felt in the darkness.

Fear of Loss:

Most people experience fear of loss when they have gotten something new, something that they didn’t have before. This might be a great love object, or additional money or a desired job. There is no mistake in the Universe. If you bumped yourself up into a better position, you have what you need to be there.

If you find yourself in this position, dive into the feeling. Trying to change the feeling or ignoring the feeling will make it persist in the background. Dive into the feeling because we incarnated to have feelings and this is part of your life experience. Then, do your Ho’oponopono, or Sedona or Busting Loose method and remind yourself that you are 100% responsible for creating your life experience and will not take on anything that is not according to your soul’s desire.

Appreciate how, like the roller coaster ride, your life is sometimes scary, and remember how you always managed to find a way to move through it.

This will move you back above the 3rd dimension. You are capable and in charge of your life. You are a loving being. Congratulations!

Source by Nancy Stremmel