How Corrupt Is the Bible and Those Who Preach From It – As Described Therein?

This is a question that needs addressing as religions of all persuasions use books to back up their promotions. It’s a naïve person, however, who accepts that man has not corrupted them. Scribes have changed and added things to make the so-called Word of God conform to his thinking. The religious gods are also creatures of the imagination that the Bible calls giants that came to earth and spread globally (Genesis 6:4).

The real God led me to the knowledge of how and why religions and their false gods came about. The Spirit works to a plan and it ensured that men cannot steal the inheritance meant for its own people, who are called the Children of Israel.

They are trapped in the lies and hidden by the huge wall constructed by religious organisations to prevent the truth from escaping. But the Spirit has the key to it.

Given the keys to unlock past knowledge and behaviour the facts flowed out. The first key was linguistics. In everything spoken actions are secretly recorded as language transmits ideas. It evolved when symbols and associated sounds caused a voice-box to evolve thus making more complex terms possible.

Another key was delivered in visions and one showed beautiful food tossed into a toilet with human excreta. After cooking together it was put onto the plates of a hungry mob.

It is called ‘meat’ and the Bible notes that it is that which is “baked with dung… of man… (and called)… defiled bread… “ Ezekiel 4:12,13 (King James Bible).

The New Testament and parts of the Old are the products of men who sought power and control. The most notable is Constantine and Roman Catholic Church, which began in 325 AD. Jesus Christ became its Saviour while Mary, the sun-god of Babylon, became the Mother of God.

Jerome produced the New Testament and, thereby, changed the Spirit into a man. The corruption that followed is causing God’s retribution and the destruction of the earth and all life upon it.

Spiritual people with inner knowledge know when something is wrong. If they abandon the lies they are rewarded with power, healing, and prophesy. If, however, they stay with the lies their link is severed.

The end is coming quicker than imagined as things are consumed by the anger of the Spirit. Nothing will be spared

Source by Norma Holt