How to Achieve God’s Given Dreams to Succeed in Life

We live in a world where everyone wants to achieve success and have financial freedom. With the ever increasing daily needs of life, we all strive to meet up with our personal needs, family needs, financial needs and even social needs. What plans or goals have you set for yourself to achieve these needs? Do you have the dream of becoming a proud owner of landed properties, choice cars, profitably business, great family, etc? Some people do not believe in dream, so do you? My mentor used to tell me that whatever your dreams or aspirations in life are, if well conceived within you it would definitely come to pass. I do not want to bore you with all these questions or deviating from my normal investments tips, but if you do not understand these basic spiritual principles of life success would be elusive to you.

Some people venture into various businesses, career or projects without believing in it or believing in themselves to succeed. I have watched some people’s business or idea crumble without reaching its desired peak. It is either they lacked the basic knowledge of that particular business or within their hearts of hearts they do not believe in it. Most of the time we fall in these category and we blame God for abandoning us! Remember, that God sees our heart desires and bless those that believe in Him.

How many goals or dreams have you written down for yourself in the past 5 to 10 years? If I may ask, have you achieve 70% of these dreams? We all need to take time in solitude to evaluate our successes and failures in life to correct future occurrences. I do not want to be sarcastic but with all objectivity this is to ascertain where we have all gone wrong in search of success in life.

There are three powerful secrets behind all successes in life. They are;
Desire, Belief and Action.

One interesting thing about these powerful secrets to success stated above is that it has to be followed in that sequence to achieve the desired result. If the desire to build a Castle is not there, then the belief would not come from inside and of course there is no need of taking action. How intensely do you desire your dreams? Do you believe in your instincts to achieve success? And do you have bias for action?

Look at the champions of the world today in their various endeavours; Roger Federer, Bill Gates, Alinko Dangote, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfery, David Beckham, Mike Adenuga Jnr, Barack Obama to the late Mother Theresa – and you will agree that these three simple secrets are working for them.

Also read other books that would boost your intellectual and spiritual reasoning to achieve your dreams in life. I have tapped great knowledge and understanding God’s purpose for me in life by reading such books. I also want you to experience these wonderful secrets of life’s success and I bet you life would never be the same.

Source by Uzoma Amaole