How to Attain Peace in the Spiritual World

The life of a human being is a constant struggle to attain happiness. Every man is trying to attain a state of comfort in the outside world and peace in the inner world. Every man in this race for attaining peace looks at other fellow beings and compares his state to see how much happy the other person is. This comparison creates even more misery for the person.

The miserable man tries so many ways to be in peace. Some of them believe money will give them satisfaction, some think it would be fame or sex and some end up in spirituality to have everlasting peace. But more or less in the end every thing fails for the miserable man and he dies in an even more miserable state.

It is possible to have a state of peace but mostly people search in wrong places. Very rarely someone tries to know oneself and in reality only knowing oneself can give us the everlasting peace. Most people are in this delusion that it is the outside things, circumstances or people which gave us the sense of ease, satisfaction or pleasure. This is a very wrong understanding. The real source of any kind of experience lies within us and it is up to us to bring out any feeling from our source. If someone really wants to have peace then one needs to know oneself and for that one has to look within the mind and understands its desires and thoughts by being passively aware of it.

People who know their inner nature and live accordingly to it, are the ones who are in Peace and at ease. People who follow their own nature, who understand one’s mind functioning and are passively aware of it are the ones who are in Peace. If someone really wants to have peace in life then that person has to seek within and not in the outside world. We live in our own world created by our mind, so the cause of misery is in our mind and not in the outer world. Real Spirituality starts when we start looking at the right place – that is within.

Source by Dhyan Amitabh