How to Balance Your Wheel of Life – Becoming a Total Person

Paul J. Meyer and the Wheel of Life

One of my first exposures to the field of Personal Development came back in the 1970’s when I discovered the work of Paul J. Meyer, founder of Success Motivation Institute. At the core of Paul’s best work is his ‘Wheel of Life’ or ‘Total Person Concept’. Even as a child, Paul was not only a keen observer but he was also extremely adept at applying his awareness to life metaphors which would form the basis of his teaching.

Having lived long enough to see and experience this wisdom for myself, I can attest to the simple yet powerful truth pertaining to the Wheel of Life. Just as a bicycle won’t ride very well when one of the tires is flat or the wheel is otherwise damaged and out of balance, an individual’s life won’t be as satisfying, rewarding or ‘successful’ when even one of the six areas of life is out of whack.

Need Proof? Look No Further…

You don’t have to look very far for examples – maybe even your own life! At any given time you may be most focused on your job or career, working very hard in a seemingly futile effort just to keep pace. The danger is when your work consumes the majority of your time if not your total focus. The cost is great as the ever increasing stress wears on your health with detrimental effects on your relationships and spiritual well-being.

So how DO you balance your Wheel of Life and become a Total Person? In these insanely fast-paced times, such a task might seem impossible. So why even try? Well, if your life is out of balance – as many of our lives are – then you should know the answer. The cost of NOT trying to balance your life is far too great.

Balance Your Wheel of Life in Three Simple Steps

OK, so maybe you’re beginning to see that your life may be out of balance. The question is how do you become more balanced? Here are three steps to get you started.

1. The first step to balancing your Wheel of Life and becoming a Total Person is to be aware of the different areas of your life. Paul J. Meyer suggests the following six areas:

  • Family and Home
  • Financial and Career
  • Physical and Health
  • Spiritual and Ethical
  • Mental and Educational
  • Social and Cultural

2. If you’re like many people – myself included, when you look at this list you may immediately think, “I don’t have time for ALL that!” Therefore, the second step is to realize that balance in life does NOT require that you spend equal time in each section. As my gorgeous wife Maggie often reminds me, it isn’t the quantity of time spent, it’s the quality! Yes, your career may demand that you spend a greater portion of your time devoted to your work. If you are a parent, a huge chunk of time and energy may go towards looking after your young children.

Whatever the case may be, you may not have – nor do you need – an equal amount of time for balancing all areas of your life. However, you should give SOME attention to all areas and the time you DO put in should be fully focused and the best quality time you can give. That 15 minute heart-to-heart, sharing and caring pillow talk with your spouse just before drifting off to sleep may be more appreciated than all the hours you put in at your job working so your family can have ‘more’. After all, what good is ‘more’ without YOU?

3. The third and final step is to stop and see how well you are balanced. Every journey has a starting point – where are you now? Take heart in knowing that most people these days are WAY out of balance. It’s OK. Like the bicycle tire, find out where the leaks are and patch them. Then pump a little air into the tire and see how much easier EVERYTHING rolls!

That’s right… the secret to success in your career may very well be in giving more quality time and attention to your family and/or your physical health! Improving one area of your life positively effects ALL areas simultaneously.

Remember these three simple steps. All you need to do is:

  1. Be aware of the different areas of your life
  2. Realize that you don’t have to put equal time into every area
  3. Discover where you are right now

And be sure to stay right here as we continue to explore balancing your Wheel of Life and becoming the Total Person you’ve always wanted to be. Start imagining the greatest version of you today. You’re gonna Love That Feeling!

Source by Russell Hamel