How to Get Yourself Motivated to Achieve the Body of Your Dreams

If you find yourself always stopping and starting a fat loss program, or you keep telling yourself you can’t lose the belly fat no matter what you do, then I suggest you read on.

Many women ask me how they can get motivated and stay motivated when looking to lose weight. When we think of motivation we think of getting all excited to do something, and then it tends to fizzle. The key is not trying to become motivated, rather coming from inspiration.

If you have ever attended a seminar, watched a movie, or read a book that motivated you towards achieving a flat stomach, or whatever your goals are then you found yourself a week later unfocused it is because you were using motivation instead of inspiration. Motivation comes from outsides sources, and inspiration comes from within.

Inspiration requires no will power, it’s simply something you cultivate deep within your soul and everything that you do is goal oriented. You don’t think twice about having that piece of pie, or skipping a workout.

You become what it is that you desire, and you don’t stop until you get there. All you need is the proper tools to get you there, and that is the mindset for success and telling yourself that you believe in yourself, and that you are worth it. You value yourself enough to make your goals a reality and you don’t give yourself excuses, such as “I am too busy and I am too old”.

You are the driving force and you are so worth having the body and health you desire. You need to dig deep within yourself and ask yourself this question; “How is having the body I want affecting me in all areas of my life?”

Sit quietly and listen and wait for tears of inspiration to come to you as you hear the quiet whispers of how incredible your life will become empowered by simply taking action and believing in yourself. Come up with 50 reasons how having the body and health you desire will affect you in all the 7 major areas in your life. These areas are: Physical Financial Family Career Mental Spiritual Social

For example for physical you may say it will affect you by having more energy and fitting into the size clothing you would like.

Financially you might feel that it would cut down on your medical expenses, or help you to earn more money because you now have the confidence in the area of your career. You will be a great example for your family, and socially you feel that it’s easier to be around others because you have a great sense of self worth. Mentally you feel more balanced and calm.

Spiritually, you feel inspired everyday to take action to whatever your dreams and goals are. If you thought achieving the body of your dreams was only about the physical, than think again. Having the body you want, will affect all the 7 major areas in your life.

Source by Heather Picken