How To Help Your Faith Grow

Open your Bible to Romans 10:17 it says… So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Go ahead and highlight that scripture.

When negative thoughts come to your mind, reject them and replace them with God’s Word. You see, when you have a mind-set of faith, you are opening your spiritual door for God to work in your situation. Praise the Lord! You always help your faith grow by focusing on hearing what God said. You stop talking about the negative things in your life and begin talking about God’s Word that’s written to help you through your problem.

Did you read God’s Word today? God has given you His Word so you can hear it and declare it to help your faith grow. Yes, faith filled words from scriptures carry spiritual authority. The Word that encourages you, inspires you, and motivates you to take your focus off the problem. Now place it on the problem fixer, Jesus! I’ll say it again. Reading the scriptures will help your faith grow.

When you keep hearing, and hearing the Word, you are sowing the spiritual seed that God is bigger than all your problems. You receive the Truth of the Lord! Your receiving does not change. You don’t change your mind. You keep hearing and hearing the Word to help your faith grow. Many times you need a fresh flow of reading God’s Word.

God is always looking for someone who will listen and obey! The Word is always how you stay connected to the power of God. The Word is how the Holy Spirit will speak wisdom to you. I want you to know right now, that God’s plan for you does not always happen in the way that you would like or at the time of your own choosing. That’s why you must have faith. Faith is a spiritual message of encouragement and hope. The faith scripture is about always trusting God or believing God. Will you ignore it or embrace it?

God has an exciting plan for your life, but it involves faith. You must be patient many times and keep seeking His will and Word for your life. Keep your focus and attention on the Word of God.When start feeling all alone. Fill up by hearing and hearing His Word.

Many people from all across the world have a bad habit of thinking negative and speaking negative. But you have to let the Holy Spirit direct your life and receive high expectations from His Word straight from Jesus.

You have to make a stand in this dark world in the name of Jesus. You have to be a joyful believer when you receive that Word. That’s how you get accepted and approved by God. You keep hearing the Word to get rid of your victim mentality. Today, can be a new beginning! But if you’re not willing to let go of the old, don’t expect God to do the new.

The new life is about thoughts of faith. God knows how to turn your disappointments around. You can’t lay around feeling sorry for yourself in your problems. Today can be a new change. How? You start hearing and hearing the Word of God! Now, raise your hands and say, praise the Lord His Word is for me! Hallelujah!

Source by Darrick Bussell