How to Recognize Your Spiritual Master

He is watching you, right here and right now.

He is watching every movement, thought and word coming out of you.

He is doing that from the moment of your birth.

He is more anxious than you to meet with you.

All you need to do is to help Him: get ready to meet with Him.

If you are someone who really feels, deep inside, that there is something more than you can see in this world, then you are in a process of realizing you real self. The awakening soul within you is so glad to take on the spiritual path.

The spiritual journey begins with recognizing your Master. There are thousands of people out there, claiming themselves as a spiritual Gurus. How to find the best for you? It is not an easy task. In fact it is impossible task for you to do.

It is His duty to show up when the time comes.

How to Recognize Your Spiritual Master?

Here are some simple guiding rules. They have been laid down by the spiritual Masters. You’ll discover the greatness they convey while reading them.

The Spiritual Master;

* is always on the physical plane, available for the true spiritual seekers. There is, guaranteed, at least one person on the planet now, responsible for that extremely important task

* delivers all the secrets about the spiritual path without any charges. That is correct; he got it for free and is going to give it to you for free, too. If someone claims that he can gives you the secrets about the spiritual journey, but you have to pay 1 cent for that – that person cannot be a real master. Period.

* has his own vocation and earns all his and his family needs for living

* never asks for money for any reason

* teaches how to reach the FIVE Spiritual regions within

* teaches how to defeat the five enemy within you

* never addresses himself as a Master or Guru

* never says I in his discourses and spiritual teachings

* acts as the humblest person on earth

* never demonstrates the enormous power he has. He is not allowed to perform any miracles

* follows strict lacto-vegetarian diet. He eats no meat, chicken, fish and eggs and any food or drugs containing elements derived from those.

* drinks no alcohol, including beer, and uses no drugs

* leads pure moral life and teaches his disciple on that, too

* makes no advertisement of what he does. He doesn’t needs that. When the disciple is ready – the master appears. That is His job on that planet

Now having this in mind you can recognize your Master, when He shows up. There is, for sure, at least one person in this world who matches all of the above criteria.

If you start searching for Him, I can tall you from my personal experience – You are going to fail. Do not waste your time and energy in that direction. You have no power or the knowledge to find Him and this is not something you should be worry about.

It is His duty to show up when you are ready. Make no mistake, He will do His job. You concentrate on your job. Make yourself ready.

Do your research on everything you can find about the spirituality. You have your own way to go on that and no one can accomplish it, except you.

There are many lessons to be heard and experienced in order to become ready for the Master. There are many tears to be shed and pain to be swallowed. They are all yours. They are waiting for you. Just go ahead.

Listen to your inner voice and feelings. Your path to the Master is unique and only He knows when you’ll be ready.

The Master is never late to show up. Do not worry about if He is going to show up on time. In fact, the truth is that He is pulling us within. He is the One who develops that inner thirst and longing for spirituality.

But let’s stop here for now. Concentrate on your part of the game and study hard all you can find about mysticisms and religions.

The moment will come, when you’ll be totally confused. That is the first sign that He is approaching you. Just go on.

He is watching you, right here and right now. He is waiting for you to become ready.

Source by Teo Gees