How to Seek Spiritual Confirmation From God

Our actions in the spiritual world can often be misguided by our own imagination and worldly wisdom. This makes it imperative to seek confirmation from the Lord before we act. In doing so we strengthen our faith and belief in our actions and ensure that we are working with God. Below are some of the ways by which we can seek confirmation from God.

1. Setting a time frame

Setting the time for when we should receive this confirmation takes away the doubt of acting with impatience. There are times that we may desire something of God. Our gut feeling knows where we can get what we desire but we want to be certain that we are not acting by the influence of our own wisdom. By setting a time limit when we should wait to see if the Lord tells us different we are giving God control. Most times we would follow our instincts. However if in the likely hood that these instincts are wrong then this time frame allows us to see this error and for our Lord to confirm whether or not it was the right thing for us to do.

2. Asking confirmation from others

Other times we can seek confirmation from people. We can ask God to send someone to tell us whether or not what we seek is what he desires of us. We must remember that our Lord is a miraculous God and nothing is impossible with him. If we ask of him this he would give it to us. This is not putting God to test this is ensuring that we do not act irrationally. The thing to remember is to learn to follow up on a confirmation. What this means is if the answer is negative then we must let go. If it was meant to be, God would always show us another way to get that which we desire or even the same way we had been thinking of in due course. If we cannot follow up on what we said we would lose trust in our means of confirmation.

3. Looking within scripture

We can also ask our Lord to give us guidance through his Holy Bible. We can ask him to show us the words to read that open our minds to what he desires of us. Scripture teaches us to ask to receive. It teaches us that if we ask truthfully through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ then our wish would come true. If we ask for confirmation from scripture then we shall receive this.

4. Prayer

Sometimes we may not know by what means we desire to receive this confirmation. We may just know that it is something that we desire. If we ask this in prayer letting our thoughts get known to the Lord he would answer our prayers. We must remember here that it is not the words we say that let the Lord know of our desire. Our spirits convey this message to him regardless of what we say.

5. Fasting

Fasting strengthens our faith in God and lets us believe that we have put in some work for our desires. We can ask for a confirmation to be received during or after our fast. The answer that we get after this time is the answer that we must take to determine our actions.

The thing to remember with seeking confirmation is that we must always trust the outcome whether it is positive or negative. What is also important here is that we do not initiate this confirmation to work in our favor.

Source by Leslie Musoko