How to Understand Your Dreams and the Hidden Messages They Convey

I became fascinated with dreams after I was experiencing the same dream years apart and I found that these dreams were linked to a past life. I found that as I was developing my psychic ability I had some very different dreams that felt more spiritual. I would wake up from a dream and know that this was no normal dream this was on a different level. I have since studied dreams and also used my own psychic ability to help me to understand my dreams.

Subconscious Dreams

I often find that when people come to me with their dream that they think it is prophetic and most of the time it is not. It is your subconscious conveying scenarios and messages to you in a kind of story that makes no real sense. This is where psychic ability comes in to interpreting the dreams because psychic ability does not use logic it uses feelings and senses.

In dreams everything and everyone in the dream represents an aspect of ourselves and so if you dream about an ex you are linking to past feelings. The dreamer should take notice of what they are doing in the dream are they active or proactive in the dream. Lets take an example of a car going up hill and you are in there with someone else.

I would take you back to that dream and try to get you to remember whether you were driving the car or was it someone else. You would not necessarily remember this or who it was with you but it can be very revealing. If you were driving then you are the one in control of the situation, but if you were being driven then you have placed your trust in someone else.

Messages from the Spirit Guides

There was one dream I could never forget and it was of a beautiful Siamese cat that was talking to me. It was talking in the most beautiful voice it was feminine but I have never heard anyone with such a beautiful voice before. This cat seemed to be repeating a mantra over and over again to me ‘that’s right you are doing well’ and when I woke up those words were etched in my mind.

I remember that morning that I had this dream very much on my mind and when my friend came round I shared this with her. It was around the time when I was collecting Egyptian ornaments and they would deliver a new one every 2 months. That morning someone rung my bell and I jokingly said to my friend, that will be the cat.

When I opened the door I got the shock of my life, it was my Egyptian ornament and it was the ‘Bast Cat’. It was sat upright just as the Siamese cat had done in my dream and I put it in pride of place. I knew that this was not just a coincidence that there was more to that situation than meets the eye.

Loved ones on the other side

I believe that when we go to sleep we go to different realms and sometimes we can even meet our loved ones on the other side. I often hear of people who have had a dream experience where they have talked to someone who has passed over in the dream. It happens quite often and it usually allows the person on the other side to cross over.

When you are in a dream state that connects you with your loved ones on the other side you can have a healing experience. I sense that there is a kind of spiritual bridge that you are drawn to in your sleep. You meet with your loved one on that bridge but neither of you can cross over to the other’s side. You remain in the middle and you converse and then you go back to your respective sides of the bridge.

Source by Carole L Price