Human Encounters With Spiritual Beings

MUCH of life we’re so wrapped up in our own world of problems and dreams we barely recognise the same reality’s going on in every other person we encounter.

Yet the range and style of our intrapersonal realities is as diverse as the stars are.

Although we’re all incredibly different, there’s something intrinsically the same about us all.


We’re all spiritual beings. We have all been created by a Spiritual Being – the Creator God. This means each one of us is majestically diverse in our spiritual makeup, with potential for deep discovery about ourselves, God and the world. All-the-while we’re also created with capacities that are human in range and human by characterisation, and therefore we’re limited to the realms humanity encounters. This reminds us we’re never neither too far ahead of other humans, nor are we ever too far behind.

We share an incontrovertible equality with every other human being. But we’re amazingly and masterfully created.


As spiritual beings, relating with ourselves, God and our world, we also relate with other spiritual beings. We’re all having encounters with spiritual beings. And there’s an incredible amount of dynamism in such a melting pot of experience.

All the time, we’re having shaky, fallen interactions with vulnerable persons, as they too have shaky, fallen interactions with us, also a vulnerable person. We have the capacity to reach the heights of bliss with each other or plummet to the depths, and such human encounters can easily overwhelm us in agony or ecstasy.

Human encounters are chock full of potential for disaster and delight. And then there are the majority of circumstances which are neither, when life is ho-hum; where life involves pain and pleasure within the realm of a plethora of existential varieties.


We’re all having human encounters with spiritual beings. The range of situations that can go wrong is infinite, yet myriads of glorious things can occur, too.

As we encounter people in a very human way, we’re blessed to remember limitations – ours and theirs.

We’re blessed because our expectations are enriched with remembrances of reality. We’re blessed because we carry an inherent understanding of them which they may interpret as empathy, and humility, expressed as a well-intended interest in them. We’re blessed because we don’t expect unrealistic performance out of us or them. We allow ourselves to enjoy a blessed human encounter with a spiritual being, and they, by association, enjoy us being free to be us, as we allow them to be free to be them.

A blessed human encounter is one, therefore, where we enjoy being free to be us, as we allow them to be free to be them.

A blessed human encounter occurs when all people enjoy the freedom to be individual spiritual beings together.

Source by Steve Wickham