Human Value!

In our day, everything can be attributed a value. For example, my van, computer, and lawnmower is worth a certain dollar amount. While they may be worth something to me in terms of money, it could be worth absolutely nothing to my neighbor. In either case, they can be attributed a value.

When it comes to a soul, an individual, a living, breathing, person, what is their value? To a mugger, they are worth what they have in their pocket. Many a person has been killed for a mere dollar or two! To others, they may be valued by only what they can produce. Several third world countries value their citizens in terms of a production value. It suffices to say that we could determine the worth of a something by the value that the owner, controller, or customer, etc. places on it.

When viewing human value from a “corporate business model” point of view, people are viewed in many ways. The more you can offer the office, or the more you can contribute for the greater good, the higher your rating. Most of the time, sad to say, it matters not who you are on the inside, it is only what you can put on the table. I am sure glad that God does not view us in this way!

(John 3:16) “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (KJV)

Think about this… God “so loved” the world that He “gave” His Son to die on a cross for man’s sinfulness. Christ paid our sin debt when He went through the “Calvary” experience. How much does God value a soul? I would say, “priceless!” Each soul on earth is valuable, whether we understand this or not. Jesus demonstrated God’s estimation of a soul’s worth on the cross!

If each soul is valuable beyond measure, then we should act accordingly. When it comes to reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, we involve ourselves in this endeavor in relation to what value we place on souls. The higher the value, the more we pray. The higher the value, the more we share God’s Word with people. The higher the value the more we give to world missions!

Source by Andrew Schank