In the End God Said, "Write"

In the beginning of the very beginning, in the Book of Genesis, God said, “Let there be light.” (Genesis 1:3)

Here we see that the Word of God brought about physical light and life.

Later the Word of God, in the physical realm became Jesus Christ in the flesh. In the spiritual realm Jesus, the living Word of God, became the spiritual light and life of those who would become the children of God.

After Christ’s mission was completed on Planet Earth, as the end of time drew near, one more very important thing had to be accomplished.

So in the very beginning of the end, in the Book of Revelation, Jesus said, “Write.” (Revelation 1:19)

God the Father gave the Word of Revelation to His Son, Jesus, to “reveal” to His servants (all those who follow Him) the things which will soon come to pass (“soon” as relative to the entire history of the world).

Then Jesus sent His angel messenger to make the significance of this revelation known to John. Therefore, John was the first Disciple and servant of Jesus Christ to receive this specific End Time message.

John was commissioned to establish this record in the Word of God. His account includes the testimony of Jesus Christ and all that John had seen pertaining to the life and Word of Christ, during the time Jesus walked the earth.

The Book of Revelation tells us that those who read or hear the words of this prophecy and hold on to the things which are written therein, will be blessed. They will be given the favor of God and will benefit by being prepared spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally to overcome and endure End Times.

John emphasizes that this Word is from Jesus Christ, who is the only one qualified to be a reliable witness because He is the one who loved us, suffered and died so that our sins could be washed away by His blood. He is the first to be raised from the dead. This makes Him the preeminent ruler over all authorities on planet Earth, in addition to His right as Creator.

Now Jesus has given His people the responsibility of being rulers and intercessors in the service of God the Father that we might bring glory to Him, honoring His authority forever over all that exists. He identifies this mission as the primary purpose for those who truly belong to Him (Revelation 1:6).

Soon we will see Jesus coming in the clouds. Everyone shall see Him then. Those who physically tortured Him and all of the “worldlings” (those who loved the world more than Christ) will cry in agony when they see Him.

The day of reckoning is coming. So be it.

Jesus refers to Himself as “Almighty God,” the “Alpha and Omega.” He is Infinity, the beginning and ending of time and all that exists. Interesting that Jesus reveals this in Revelation 1 verse number “8,” which is the symbol for infinity.

He was in the beginning and will be present at “the end,” according to our historical and current concept of time. In the future we will be given a greater understanding when time, as we have known it, merges into infinity.

The message given to John emphasizes that Jesus Christ is the Ruler of all that exists. He is the One True God.

John qualifies himself by telling all those who are and will belong to Christ that he is our spiritual brother and therefore able to identify with us and our circumstances. He also suffered for the Kingdom and is waiting patiently for the return of Jesus. In fact, John was sentenced to the Island of Patmos because of his commitment to the Word of God and for telling others about Jesus Christ.

In Revelation 1: 10, John begins to share the experience of his vision. He says that he was “in the Spirit,” a specific time during the Lord’s Day, when the Spirit came to him (possibly as he was studying and contemplating the Word and memories of Christ) and at first he heard a great voice that sounded like a trumpet.

This voice, which sounded like a trumpet, was the voice of Jesus Christ, who is the living Word of God. Therefore, the voice, the Word, and the trumpet are one. It is fitting that the voice of Jesus sounds like a trumpet, because He is the voice that carries the powerful frequency or sound of the Word of God.

The first thing Jesus said to John was, “I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, what thou seest, write in a book.” This is the first thing-the number one thing-found in Revelation 1:11, referenced in the Book of books by three ones emphasizing the significance that He is first, is the first of the first and will remain first, or preeminent, even to the end.

Then, in this same verse, Jesus tells John, “What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia…”

Jesus identifies Himself again as “Alpha and Omega” just as He did in verse 8. Jesus is saying that John is going to see something that he wants him to write about in a Book and that John should send this Book to the seven churches in Asia.

God resides in His Word. Because God is preeminent, His Word must also be preeminent. What does the “Author and Finisher of our faith” do with the Word? He writes it down and puts it into a Book, via his servants, and then sends his servants to deliver His Word to His people so they can feed on it.

This is God’s “mode of operation” which has been repeated throughout history.

Children follow in their father’s footsteps. Therefore God’s, priority, focus and activity, become His children’s priority, focus, and activity.

God’s priority is His Word.

John tells us that the feet of Jesus are like high quality brass that has been heated in a furnace and His voice is like the sound of many waters.

Again His voice is compared to sound or frequency. The sound of many waters carries a powerful energizing frequency that can not only be heard but can also, no doubt, be felt by a force shaking John to his very core as Jesus speaks to Him.

Seven stars are in the right hand of Jesus and a sharp two-edged sword comes forth from His mouth.

Further in this first chapter of Revelation, we see that the seven stars in His right hand are the angels, or messengers, of the seven churches. The two-edged sword refers to the Word of God and we are told that His countenance or expression was as the sun.

What does the expression of the sun look like?

The significant appearance of the sun exemplifies energy, life, light, and power.

His countenance (expression/demeanor/character) was as powerful as the sun when it shines or as full of energy as the sun. In other words, the powerful life-giving energy evident in the character of Jesus Christ revealed that He is the Universal Creator.

It is impossible for any person to stand in the powerful presence of Jesus Christ. John fainted straight away and dropped at the feet of his Savior. Jesus touched John, restored his strength and enabled him to endure the fear (awe) of the dynamic majesty of God.

Jesus continues to introduce Himself so there isn’t any mistake regarding His identity and John is assured that this is the genuine Jesus. When He says that He is the first and the last, He is telling us again that He is the Alpha and Omega, the first Adam and the last Adam of God’s salvation plan.

Jesus verifies that he was resurrected from the grave and will live forever. His death and resurrection qualifies Him to hold the keys to hell and death.

The power that controls our eternal life is in good hands.

In Revelation 1:19, Jesus instructs John to write about the specific, unique time in history that he is living in as well as the vision He is going to give him. But first Jesus instructs John to write about “the things which thou hast seen.”

Does this include all of the things John has seen in the past-his entire relationship and experience with Christ as the living Word of God?

If this is the case, this verse contains not only Christ’s instruction to record John’s prophetic, historical vision into the Book of Revelation, but also serves as evidence and specific reference to Jesus giving John (and the other followers of Christ) the commission of recording the entire written Word of God, which includes everything ever written regarding Jesus and the Father’s plan of redemption (both Old and New Testaments) and put it into the Book, the most Holy, historically protected Book of God, the original Holy Bible.

Source by Kay Frances Graves