Inner Peace and Happiness Comes From Hearts Desire

Today is a day worth remembering
When doubts, self-destructive tendencies, self-blocks cloud the truth that lays within our heart, we become less communicative with the voice and begin a long arduous path of detachment and emotional upheaval.

While we use our brain to live out each day, which is often influenced by our surroundings, our heart cannot be manipulated by anyone else. Our brain is a wonderful faculty given to us to recognize that we can learn from our experiences, as lessons to live out in this lifetime.

In the same way, we use our eyes to see and our hands to touch, both need remembering. Equally our heart needs remembering to improve the connection to our truth. Our brain can choose what we want to believe, but when we properly use the facility of our heart to connect everything that is needed is given.
Hearts Desire
Living with your hearts desire will never hide from you as it knows the truth of who you are. For ages it has been said we should follow our heart.

Your heart knows your true self, the spark of your truth and is always present and patiently waiting for you to recognize what is being freely given to you.

You are blessed with this creation that is the key to your true self. The spirit the spark that provides us with the connection to our truth. Each day, each experience, each spoken word, each emotion we feel center us within our “truth” of who we are. It gently nudges us or sometimes giving us no option but to pursue our rediscovery of our true self.

To start awakening the heart is by starting to understand heart consciousness. It does not take work; it takes remembering, we must only remember to turn our intention and consciousness toward our heart where so many beautiful things will be brought to you, as lightness, calmness, peace, happiness and joy beyond all things you most likely forgot

When you open your heart, in its depth, there is a knowing and familiarity, despite perhaps never having studied or followed this path before.

Sakyamuni Buddha taught “Calmness is within you, do not look outside of you” Yet you don’t have to be a Buddha to see how those who chase down world success in an effort to be happy and peaceful.

Some may find awakening the heart difficult, often impossible if you are seeking wealth. You may attain success and material goods, but serenity and happiness will always still be in front of you, just out of reach.

All the courses, books and tapes listened to act as great facilitators and tools; but, never will they take the place of what you know within yourself. Your heart has always been there for you. It has never left you and will always remain with you.
Exercise Time: Awakening the Heart Consciousness

• Place your right hand on your heart centered area.
• Shift your attention to this area on your body and consciously connect with your heart.
• Allow the energy to flow in and out.
• Relax
• Smile to Your Heart
• Surrender

What is different about this connection? You do not have to think about it. The connection is so natural that it resonates without conflict. The heart simply just “IS”. There is no conflict from mind to heart.

The KNOWING takes over. Peacefulness is at hand. Your hearts desire brings to your consciousness guiding you. Listen, trust, allow and let go.

Heart centered consciousness is our pathway to a much larger human shift into a new way of existence. As you practice and continue to have experiences of heart centered consciousness, you will be far removed from stress where burdens turn into joy.

This is the true connection that keeps you centered. Staying in your heart consciousness outwardly affects every decision, each thought, each activity… you will no longer be making decisions separate from your heart. Instead everything begins with and ends within your heart center.

The heart is a bridge between the earthly and spiritual levels of human consciousness.

Awakening the Heart is where spiritual awakening occurs, changing one’s viewpoint of reality permanently.

Once we see and experience this expanded realm of the heart consciousness, it enhances our views and abilities for life where we shed negative attitudes and perceptions.
The energy of the heart is the energy of love.
The Heart knows no other. All that we have to be is love.

Source by Reeny Carvotta Barron