Is it Coincidence, Or a Sign From the Universe?

This article helps you recognize whether something is a coincidence or a sign from the universe. The following is my story.

When I began my process of developing my connection with my higher self (my intuition) so that I could discover my higher life purpose, amazing things began to happen to me with increasing frequency. Sometimes when I had a specific question I wanted answered by a “higher power,” I’d get it answered when I awakened at night, by just “knowing” the answer. Other times the answer would come through other people, on the radio, or by, say, “randomly” picking up a book at a library. By using my intuition (the voice of my higher self) and developing trust in it, I realized I was increasing my connection to interconnectedness. (Some call this “the void,” “All That Is,” or “Source.” Still others use fancy names such as “Zero-Point Field.”)

Besides the types of intuitive occurrences mentioned above, I also experienced another type of guidance from the universe. This was when something “different” or unusual happened more than once in a short time period. When something unusual happened twice or three times in a row within a 24-hour period, I learned that that was a sign from the universe and I needed to pay attention. Sometimes I just needed to notice it without doing anything (the connection would become clear later), but sometimes it motivated me to take an inspired action. In fact, one such example happened recently.

The evening Michael Phelps won the 100-meter butterfly by 0.01 second at the 2008 Olympics, something one of the sportscasters said about Phelps caught my attention. The following day I happened to catch a peek of the Olympic games while doing chores and heard that exact same comment again. Then two nights later I awakened during the night thinking about that sportscaster’s comment. I turned the lights on and jotted down some notes, including the title of the new article I wrote later that day: “Destiny, the Law of Attraction and Michael Phelps.”

Here is another example. About two years ago, I heard from a friend from college who lived in New York City. She emailed one morning to let me know that she and her husband had just bought a house on the “Big Island of Hawaii–the volcano island.” It seemed she was emphasizing the word “volcano.” After I read her email I dropped my kids off at school and went on my morning hike. Then I stopped by Trader Joe’s for some groceries, a cup of coffee, and to chat with the woman who sampled Trader Joe’s products. As I was pouring my coffee she said, “That’s our new coffee you’re trying. It’s Volcano coffee.” She offered something to another customer, then turned to me again, saying, “You’re trying our new Volcano coffee. How do you like it?”

A light bulb went off in my head. Two different people referred to “volcano” a total of three times within about two hours. I mean, nobody talks about volcanoes, normally. I knew it was a sign for me to pay attention, but I had no idea why. I mean I couldn’t do a thing about a volcano! I lived in California and the nearest volcano was about 250 miles away. In such instances, I simply took note: e.g. “something about a volcano,” and went about my day.

Two days later I was driving to the Post Office. I scanned the radio stations, searching for a song I liked when a news announcer reported that earlier that day, a volcano had erupted on a small island in the Pacific.

Of course I wasn’t supposed to do anything about the volcano, but the idea that whenever something unusual happened twice or three times in a row, the universe just might be trying to get your attention was validated.

To argue over whether it was a coincidence or a sign is dumb, but who knows, maybe one day you’ll get a sign from the universe and you’ll know exactly what to do.

I feel there’s an order to the universe and if you pay attention, you’ll find there may be something for you to do, or something for you to learn. In any case, life is certainly more interesting and more satisfying when you increase your connection with your higher self–your bridge to interconnectedness.

Source by Christine Hoeflich