Listening to Presence – Daily Inspirations Becoming Spiritual Enlightenment

There is a guidance for each of us, and by lowly listening we shall hear the right word…. Place yourself in the middle of the stream of power and wisdom which flows into your life. Then, without effort, you are impelled to truth and to perfect contentment.Ralph Waldo Emerson

Each writer uses different words and combinations of words to express and communicate same and similar experiences. Words are receptacles of human energy, which can become filled with spiritual Presence energy and then lived beyond what we could even begin to ask for or think.

There is a higher Presence that resides and resonates within each of us. Hence writers have talked about recognizing and “worshipping” the God that is within all of us -individually and collectively.

That Presence – “a guidance for each of us” – is able to begin to clear our brains of mindless frightened chatter, and begin to reveal to us the higher meaning and direction of our lives – spiritual experiences leading to spiritual awakenings, resulting in spiritual enlightenment. With this guiding Presence, we become increasingly alive and aware.

Implied in these words is the necessity to experience, admit, and accept that of our own abilities, we cannot know! This is required in order to go to the next level.

“Lowly” simply means humble – an active spiritual awareness that we are unable to know and to do life alone — and that there is Someone there – hidden behind rows and rows of thought within our brains – Someone who is speaking – caringly and lovingly to our hearts – when we can listen.

We are not alone.

As we learn to listen, we begin to hear the “right words”. Words again are containers full of energy. Distorted by our hidden pasts, the neural energy of words destroys and harm. Freed by conscious Presence with the God of our intimate experience, the energy of “right words” heals – spiritually transforms our perceptions and reactions into “rightness” or personal sanity and health.

To access this spiritual Presence on regular basis, we need to place ourselves into the very center of the spiritual stream of God’s Presence and spiritual enlightenment, which flows even now right through our lives – our conscious experiences of living.

It is critical to let God, our higher Presence, reveal this incredible stream of spiritual energy that is ever present and available to all of us.

When we learn to live within these spiritual experiences and Presence, we will find ourselves accessing an infinitely higher awareness, and experiencing a serenity that exceeds all human thinking – and WITHOUT EFFORT!

“Impossible”, says our brains. “Life is only as “good” as we make it,” — one of the many lies received from our brains.

“Without effort” or effortless: The Bible says, “what man, by willing it to be so, can add one inch to his height?” We are powerless – alone. Intimately connected to our God, we become – merely by having and improving our conscious contact with Him and Her. Spiritual enlightenment and healing comes from conscious Presence with God – “not by our works, lest any man boast”

Let’s take some deep breaths – slow and easy – feeling the rhythm and motion of our bodies – being exactly where we are at this moment – unconditionally perfect, loved – and admired – by our loving higher Parents. We are not alone. Feel their Presence. Begin to allow their caring energy to flow through you – becoming engulfed in the steady glowing stream of their love. And listen – words will appear and begin to dissolve – the pure spirit that flows from Their heart will lift us from our worldly distractions – and we are becoming spiritually enlightened beyond our thoughts and human perceptions.

Source by Will Wass