Man’s Limitless Possibilities – How True is It?

Man is a creation created with limitless opportunities. His size of possibilities is infinite. The statements above in no doubt require further analyses either for or against. After thorough researches, the findings stipulated below contain all you need to know about man and his limits.

Taking it from the beginning, the creation of man is a constraint itself. Stunned? I hope, not yet. The creation of man has placed man betwixt two ends (or limits) that seem limitless. These ends are related and are best expatiated in mathematical terms. This would be illustrated at a zero-ground level for everyone’s understanding.

Placing the horse before the cart, let us examine the contracted constraints of the creation of man. Constraints are split into two classes’, viz. natural constraints and artificial constraints.

The artificial constraints are simply synthetic constraints. They are constraints caused upon man by man. They simply retard man’s progress or achievement either for self or for group. It exists in various forms including jealousy, hatred, wickedness and much more. Factually, artificial constraints do not nail the reason or reasons why the first two statements in the first paragraph are not true in its entirety. The other constraint would be examined for adequate clarification.

The natural constraints are simply constraints by God to man. These constraints are basically two, easy to be waved aside but impossible to be eliminated or conquered. They include the creation of man as mortar not as spirit and the creation of man as God not to be God.

Taking them sequentially, the creation of man as mortar not as spirit is a constraint that makes the spiritual realm to reign supreme over the physical realm. This indicates the reason why the spirit can posses the body and not the converse. This illustrated constraints summarized to us the superiority of God over man, not fundamentally on the limits that enclose man, which seem limitless.

The other constraints,the creation of man as God not to be God explanation would do a better job in convincing everyone to agree with the spirit of this research write-up.

Before the creation of man, God framed and summarized the principle of emptiness. This principle states that he that starts from zero input level shall be able to transcend the finite input levels and terminate at the infinite input level. The mathematical statement is that the inverse of zero is infinity and vice versa. Therefore, the implication is obvious if God is to create man from the zero input stage. As a result of this, he was prompted to create man to be like him and not to be him by ensuring that man’s knowledge and other related features do not start from the zero input level (or the emptiness input level) but to hover above the emptiness input stage.

There are more to the emptiness principle. A further derivative of the principle is that, the minimum input level is used to ascertain the maximum input level. When the minimum is zero, compulsorily the maximum is infinity. This is verified by using a mathematical statement; one over zero is infinity. For man, the minimum is greater than zero. This means that, the maximum input stage is less than infinity. This authoritatively tells us that man’s maximum input level is less than God’s maximum input stage.

Taking the analyses a bit further, the complete range of input level is from zero to infinity. This forms the zero-infinity scale (0-∞ scale). For easier mathematical applications, the scale, zero-infinity scale would be transformed to a new scale but of same logical meaning. To do this, the infinity input level is assumed the reference frame. The quotient of infinity over infinity is one, while the quotient of zero over infinity is zero. With this, the zero-infinity scale has been transformed to zero-one scale (0-1 scale).

From the scale, zero-one scale, the limits of God are zero and one inclusive. This can otherwise be referred as man’s exclusive limits. Still in respect to the zero-one scale, man minimum input level is the least input greater than the zero input level. This man’s minimum input level is 0.000…1. For man’s maximum input level, the input must be the maximum before the input level, one. With no doubt it refers to 0.999…9. Therefore, 0.000…1 and 0.999…9 are man’s inclusive limits.

The emptiness principle makes it possible for everything asked, searched and wanted possible with results, thereby creating no room for impossibilities. Therefore, since man is exempted from the emptiness principle, it can be said confidently that man’s possibilities are limited.

To infer, the statement that man possibilities are limitless or infinite is an absolute fallacy.

Source by Lawrence Iwuamadi