Modern 21st Century Philosophy; Allegory of an Aircraft Hanger, Baseball and Basketball Part II

In the Philosophical review of Eastern and Western Philosophy we noted that these individual philosophies could be depicted as representing a basketball and a baseball inside a giant empty hanger where Boeing 747s are built, each hanging on a string very far apart. In Part II we take the study and critique of Modern Philosophy a step further.

The goal of this allegory is to show that in the Twenty-First Century the human mind must expand and cut through or pop the linear philosophical thoughts of the past 10,000 years in Eastern Philosophy and the past 5,500 years of Western Philosophy. In doing this we examine each of the philosophies and the small spheres of thought that they represent.

The baseball (representing Western Philosophy) is tightly wound and layered upon each consecutive historical philosopher’s mindset. Thus, laying down another wrap of string around the sphere and often unwrapping a bit only to re-wrap it another way, until eventually it is completed; where a cover has been placed on the academic domain of Western Philosophy and laced shut, through the confines of its definitions and categorizations of types of thought.

The only way to expand Western Philosophy in future periods is to cut the baseball apart or start playing baseball inside the Boeing Aircraft hanger until the players hit the ball to each corner and every possible 3D space inside. After the baseball has played inside the hangar for hundreds of more years of continuous play can we be sure it has crossed every piece of open space inside. Is this a worthy pursuit or is there another way?

If we continue on the present path then once the baseball representing Western Philosophy has completed this task of exploring the hanger then we must take the baseball into out space and let it lose in orbit around the Earth so it can experience a greater realm of thought.

There is another option we can cut the baseball apart and separate the layers of string and free the philosophy from its own belief systems and lines of thought. But in doing so the debris be left on the ground only to be cleaned up and trashed by the janitorial teams the next evening. Upon entering the dump these cut strings would become one with the Earth again to be recycled in yet another form perhaps hundreds of years later. This does not seem to be an option worthy of pursuit either.

The Eastern Philosophy which is represented as a Basket Ball hangs on a bungee cord in the hanger and it too needs to be set free. It could be taken and used to pay basketball, but could never see all the corners or heights of the hanger no matter how long the game was played.

We could take the Basketball to outer space on a Shuttle, but once we set it free into open space it would pop. Eastern Philosophy would be one with the Universe but never be able to come back into the box or hanger to experience the reality of this realm or the happenings in the hanger, where great things are built perhaps to deliver the next philosophical theories into space?

If we try to combine Eastern and Western Philosophies we either get a bump on the basketball making it difficult to play with and unable to bounce (ying and yang) correctly, as it would veer off on weird tangents, eventually the basket ball would become flat and ruined and the air would seep out to visit the hangers ventilation system, yet still be stuck within the system unable to escape the hanger.

If we pick the best of both philosophies by deconstructing them and re-constructing them into one, we end up with a smaller ball which is not hollow (representing external thought) or thick inside (representing Western Philosophy), but rather spongy. We can use this to play both baseball and basketball, but neither very well.

Thus, if we are to expand human thought into the 21 st Century then we need to embark on a new line of thinking based on unlimited thinking, not the confines of culture or religion of the past. A philosophy not limited to dead white men, men of faith or 10,000 years of ancient traditions or customs. It is time to expand the human mind and break down the barriers of thought, which are encapsulated in tiny spheres or the brains of men.

The Modern 21 st Century Philosophers must go beyond all of this and discover thought that is not bordered by time, energy, light or space and one which can work in any dimension where it is placed or in all simultaneously when necessary and satisfy a theory of everything. I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007. I thank you for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.

Source by Lance Winslow