No Rhema From God is Void of Power

No Rhema from God Is Void of Power

…For no word from God shall be void of power

(Luke 1:37 ASV).

When the bible says “no word from God shall be void of power,” it’s actually referring to the rhema-word from God and not the logos. Logos is the revealed word of God that expresses His thoughts, character, plans, purposes and personality. But rhema is the active word from God, to a specific person, for a specific purpose, at a specific time. So, put in the right context, the Scripture above denotes “No rhema from God shall be void of power.”

In other words, every rhema-word you receive from God has power. When you need to effect changes at your work place, in your family, your finances r your physical body, the logos of God will not work; you need rhema. The rhema of God is the sword of the Spirit by which you prevail against the adversary.

Until God’s Word becomes rhema to you, it will not change your situation. This is the reason some people wonder why they quote Scriptures in the face of adversity and nothing happens. Things don’t change because they fail to realize that it’s not just the quoting of Scriptures that produces result. It’s receiving rhema from that Scripture you’re quoting that works. You make war by rhema. That’s what you use to cut the devil down and causer him to bow before you.

So, when you’re facing challenge, begin to meditate on God’s Word that addresses your peculiar situation. Keep talking the Word until it becomes rhema to you. Remember, no rhema from God is void of power; and a child of God, you can receive rhema. Jesus said, “He that is of God heareth God’s words’….” (John 8:47); in other words he receives God’s rhema.

Therefore, when you are facing challenges, charge your spirit by speaking in other tongues and declaring God’s Word. That way, your spirit will be fine-tuned to God’s frequency and you’ll receive rhema.

Source by George David