Noahide Laws Bring Meaning and Spirituality to Life

All people have a share in the world to come (‘heaven’). Our actions and deeds determine the size and place of this portion. While the Jews have 613 laws, there are 7 Noahide Laws which have been derived from ancient, sacred Jewish texts. These laws apply to everyone, and they are expounded upon by numerous sages.

The Seven Noahide Laws, also known as The Seven Universal Laws, cover the basics of living a life that is ethical and meaningful. Laws such as “Do not murder” and “You shall have just laws,” give people the ability to work alongside each other in a peaceful manner.

Though these laws seem very easy to follow, there is a tremendous amount of detail involved in properly following each law. With proper spiritual guidance a person can grow closer to Hashem (God) and become a truly righteous person by observing these seven special laws. The Noahide Laws can be observed by anyone, the only exception is the Jewish people who are bound by the 613 laws from the Torah.

In today’s modern times, it’s easy to fall into the everything revolves around me mentality. This type of thinking is detrimental to leading a righteous and meaningful life. All the actions and thoughts of a self-centered person are one of the largest causes for the spiritual and ethical decline that people have been seeing.

Back in the 1950s, having a child without being married was unheard of. Women dressed modestly not showing off their bodies for everyone to stare at. It was a different world completely. We live in a world that is driven by the media and the media only broadcasts ideas about immorality, drinking, drugs, smoking, how having children is a bad thing, and a whole list of other unpleasant items.

Using the Noahide Laws as a guide can benefit any person. Connecting with the Creator (God) has only positive effects on people lives. Seeing a person going from a life begging for money, and the next day being hired as a radio broadcaster is unbelievable but this is what Hashem does for people that follow his laws.

Stories about people who have become Bnei Noach and found more meaning and improved their lives by observing the Noahide Laws can be found here:

Source by Simcha Dov