Spirituality: The Bottom Line

Whadda ya know? Seriously. With absolute certainty, what do you know? Put aside all opinions, beliefs and theories for a moment and address this one straight question: What do you know for sure? Or, as Thoreau put it: “Let us settle ourselves, and work and wedge our feet downward through the mud and slush of […]

What is a Spiritual Long Term Investment?

Spirituality is misplaced most times for belonging to a particular place, particular time and particular type of person. The fact is without it all other journeys fall short of completion. Today there is a plethora of information surrounding all forms of investment, financial benefits, health benefits, retirement benefits and even long term holiday plans. However, […]

Spirituality and Lesbianism

What is Spirituality? What is Lesbianism? Can Spirituality alter such behavior? Is Lesbianism a case requires a cure. How did science tackle such abnormal behavior, and what is the role of Religion and Politics in facing homosexuality between same sex males and females. Spirituality in definition is the balancing realm between mental mind and physical […]

Illusionary Spiritual Experiences in the Path of Spirituality

An aspirant as he makes progress in his spiritual path begins to experience varieties of spiritual experiences. The seeker who has established himself in purity, self control and concentration of mind can perceive the experiences which are beyond the explanation by five senses; mind and intellect are known as mystical or spiritual experiences. Spiritual experiences […]

A Spirituality of Grief

“Grief is love not wanting to let go.” Earl A. Grollman in Living with Loss When grief has struck your heart and you no longer see a path, or you lose your bearings or your ability to read your compass, your whole being is impacted. Much is written about the emotional and physical aspects of […]

Therapy Meets Spirituality: A Psycho-Spiritual Discussion – Part 2: Your True Nature

Q: When you experience yourself in your true nature does that entail withdrawal from the world? R: It may do. I think it important to remember that not all self-realized beings are engaged in teaching, or necessarily courting any kind of public profile whatsoever. Nonetheless to have attained the divine condition is itself a service […]