What Does It Mean To Be Spiritually Aware?

To be spiritually aware simply means that one is more adept at listening to and nurturing the nature of their spirit. Granted that is sort of a vague description, but let me share a story with you that may help you understand what spiritual awareness is from a personal perspective. I’ve been married twice, the […]

Spirituality and Big Island Volcano Tours

Spirituality for me is about connection and meaning and communing with nature. In Hawaii, and more specifically, when taking Big Island volcano tours, I have felt most in touch with my own spirituality. Whether hiking across a black lava field, hearing the planet rumble, or smelling the fumes emanating up from the middle of the […]

Spirituality and Addiction Recovery

Spirituality and addiction recovery can be an emotional topic in some circles. Part of the dictionary definition for spiritual is insubstantial. There was a time in my life when I would have agreed with that part of the definition. Someone would say the word spirituality and I would hear God. Since my concept of God […]

Spirituality and Coping With Diabetes

There has been a paradigm shift in way diabetes has been managed over the past few decades, right from simple instructions such as “avoid sugar” and take one’s medicines on time to a much comprehensive approach that involves exercise, reduction in stress and the need to have personalised meal plans. Diabetes management guidelines, as recommended […]

Review: Spirituality Simplified Authored by Tom Maziarek

Author: Jeff Maziarek ISBN: 0974484105 Jeff Maziarek, author of Spirituality Simplified asserts in his introduction that the principal impetus for his writing his book was to create a spiritual growth book that would be accessible to mainstream readers. Moreover, it would include “the best of the best” content gleaned from a broad mixture personal/spiritual growth […]

Spirituality Myths

We live in an era in which misinformation travels around the world in seconds before truth has an opportunity to be determined. Prior to the advent of the Internet and instant communication among the masses simultaneously (Face Book, Twitter, etc.), people checked and rechecked facts before disseminating information. Given this fact it is important for […]