What Does It Mean To Be Spiritually Aware?

To be spiritually aware simply means that one is more adept at listening to and nurturing the nature of their spirit. Granted that is sort of a vague description, but let me share a story with you that may help you understand what spiritual awareness is from a personal perspective.

I’ve been married twice, the first time my marriage was actually annulled as it only lasted 6 months and I had some deeply rooted issues to work through. But leading up to the wedding and during, I had serious questions on whether I was doing the right thing or not. There was just something in my gut that told me I was not doing the right thing. The importance of this feeling, I realize now, was that I honestly had no idea of what I need in life. The reason I had no guidance was that I did not truly know who I was. For most of my life I had resisted any real emotional relationship with others out of fear. This resistance to intimate relationship stemmed from a non-intimate relationship I had with myself. To truly be aware of what we want and need out of life, we must start with self-awareness and knowledge.

Most of my life was spent trying to make others happy, which in turn translated into my happiness. Or so I thought. These types of people are known as people pleasers; we try pleasing everyone for fear of rejection. Simply put, our self-worth is contingent on our perceived view of how others see us. Anytime we place self-worth as the responsibility of others, we’re bound to need more and more and will eventually be left or hurt. Worse yet, we often sabotage relationships to fulfill our unrealistic view of self and thus validating what we feared in the first place; rejection.

After my failed marriage I spent the next two years working on myself and staying out of serious relationships. I was committed to learning who I really was, developing a spiritual awareness and the result was knowing what I really needed to be happy. As a result of this process I’m able to see my motives and emotions for what they truly are in most situations. I’m also aware that I have everything I need to be happy with me and my happiness is not contingent on the love and acceptance of others. Conversely, my life has become fuller of love and acceptance since I’ve discovered this great awareness.

Source by Jax Dison