Pushkar Travel – Your Date With Spirituality

Rajasthan and temples! Can anything better draw the image of state than this! As the bells toll, millions throng to the spiritual destination of north India. The Pushkar fair comes alive with the soul of India and is an important occasion to visit the holy shrine. Being the flavor of season, tourists come in droves to visit the ancient site popular for its grand temple dedicated to Lord Brahma. The temple complex includes a semi-circular Pushkar lake which is believed to extremely holy and consists of 52 bathing ghats complete with steps on its banks. The devotees make it a point to bathe in the lake and pray in the temple renowned for its aesthetic structure which is at once, captivating. Far from the chaos of city, Pushkar is a call of the divine for the faithful.

Shopping in Pushkar is quite a rewarding experience. One can purchase souvenirs from its famed bazaars to shop for textiles, exquisite embroidery pieces, finely crafted jewelry, miniature paintings and many other items of interest. Pushkar travel is incomplete without the pilgrimage to its holy town which is a mesmerizing experience in itself. The place is famed for its other equally prominent shrines like the Savitri temple, Rangji temple, Warah temple and Apteshwar temple. Alcohol isn’t permitted to be consumed during the holy days of travel and devout Hindus make it a point to zealously follow these rules. Pushkar travel includes a visit to the fair where a number of items such as beads, bangles, embroidered clothes, camel cover, leather goods and a variety of brass utensils can be bought by the visitors.

Apart form the importance of the shrine, a camel fair is held in Pushkar which is quite a sight in itself. Around 200,000 traders, dealers and tourists throng to the west of the lake. It is quite a sight to behold when the desert landscape comes alive with colorful camps surcharge with the lively atmosphere. The colorful life of the simple people acts as a magnet for the tourists worldwide and is the reason behind their increased travel schedules to the state apart from Goa. The captivating charm of the sand dunes is mesmerizing for the visitors and an occasional lyric from some lone singer faraway adds to the overall beauty of the place. Pushkar travel includes the night campfires which are an ideal place to meet and acts as a binding force for all the races of the world which come visiting here.

Savor the unique sights of the desert kingdom in the form of camel safari. These safaris are tailored to suit the unique requirements of yours and are quite affordable by most of the tourists. The rugged terrain of the Great Indian Desert of Sahara is out of the world experience with ‘the ship of desert’ camels acting as your load bearers. The starlit skies of the desert whisper something divine in the ears of many a traveler and Pushkar travel seems to come to full circle with this. The place is accessible by both the air and rail routes as well as the road, whereby it is upon you to decide which one to take.

Source by Rajendra Sharma