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ONENESS Theory & The Law Of One

Oneness Theory & The Law Of One

Hey beings, most of us, have heard the sayings that everything is connected and that everything happens for a reason i actually have a tattoo of everything happens for a reason, but how much have we actually contemplated these these sayings these theories? Well, today, i want this video to create a container for us to contemplate oneness theory in the law of one. So any questions that come up during this video for you drop those down the description box, so we can all learn and grow together as a community. If you’re excited for this topic, give this video a thumbs up down below to let me know and without further ado, let’s start this conversation, here’s one other thing that we’ve heard many times before, probably is that you know the human mind just can’t fully comprehend god And oneness theory: the law of one really helps create a container for the human mind to better grasp the full picture. There are many various definitions of this theory or this law, but they all really come down to the same end point, and that is of that everything is connected right.

Everything is one it’s pretty self-explanatory. I am you you are me. The desk across from me is me – and i am the freaking desk right – it’s pretty self-explanatory, but at the same time it’s mind-boggling and confusing, because we’ve been taught that we’re separate from everything right from school from our family from religion. Everything has really taught us that we’re separate from everything or that we’re even separate from god and honestly, that’s one of my biggest things with religion is that it creates that separation when, in all reality, as the law of one or oneness theory presents. We are all one we are all connected, and so that is why everything happens for a reason.

ONENESS Theory & The Law Of One

If we look at the quantum structure of reality, it helps give us a structure, a platform if you will to build upon so that our human mind can more grasp the full picture, the omnipresent presence being experience energy of all, because when we talk quantum, we’re really Talking, science right quantum physics – and this is really still a new er, ish kind of thing. Quantum physics didn’t really start being studied until 1925, so we’re coming up here on the 100 year anniversary of quantum physics even being studied, and that was because quantum physics really deals with the unseen, the the energetic forces that we can experience. But we can’t necessarily see – and we can’t always um measure, and so the the spooky actions at distance as einstein would refer to it as was taken into as part of of the church. So the church was supposed to be teaching about that. The the energetic forces that are acting upon us within us all around us, but that we can’t quite put our finger on so the church was supposed to be teaching us about it, and science wasn’t allowed to study it because it wasn’t quite tangible, and so it Went to the church does that make sense. in comes the law of one.

I feel, like i just like said the same thing three times in a row when we break everything down from our bodies, to the couch, to a painting to this camera to the pieces and parts that make up the internet. Everything goes down to not an atom, because it’s even smaller it’s to a vibration, a vibrational frequency, because everything is vibrating at a particular variable rate of frequency frequency – is how we measure the vibration. When we have one vibration that is similar to another, they combine and create a plasma. These plasmas are, then, the building blocks that create up matter to create up our bodies to create bigger plasmas and structures. So the basic building blocks of everything is vibration.

Everything being energy is a way that everything is connected in one: the omni presence, the omni per permanence permanence, but protrusion perp, the omni permeating and present force energy of god is within all of us. That is the energy that makes up everything. That is why god is within us. That is why we are god. says the law of one .We are everything we are all, because we are connected to it.

We are made up of it now when i say that we are god, i do not mean like. Oh, we are god. You know listen to everything. I say i am all powerful, although we are all powerful, but we are just a dot in in the bowl of the universe. We are one part we are one wave of the ocean of the of the whole we’re one stroke in the painting right.

We have access to all the power, but we are not all the power. Does that make sense together as a collective. We are all the power, i’m sure, you’re familiar with the word namaste, which means i recognize the divinity within you, which is the divinity in me, which also means we are the same oneness. So you often hear people say namaste means also. Thank you. the law of one is a great teaching altogether.

You know for being here for sharing your energy for sharing your experience. It’s a dual use. Salutation, you can say hello, you can say it as goodbye. You can say in the middle of a conversation when you guys are really connecting, and you just want to recognize that and take a moment and be mindful of that. Oh yes, this is such a great energy exchange, like i’m so happy to be having this experience with you with myself, with the fractal reflection of myself, because quantumly right, each of us is just a fractural distortion, a hologram in the matrix of the reality that we’re Choosing to experience now i know when i talk about quantum structure and things like that it can get kind of confusing.

See you next time, beings!

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