Power of Midnight Prayer (1)

One of the most powerful spiritual tools God has given, but grossly neglected by Christians is the midnight prayer. Midnight prayer (or vigil) is the prayer done about 12.00am. From the bible and through ages, the prayers done around this particular time have always brought tremendous and unprecedented results. As a Christian, it is imperative that you live a life of vigil. There are levels you can never attain in the spirit without mastering the act of praying in the midnight. There are levels of revelations you cannot get without prolonged midnight prayers. And there are also satanic entities, thrones and chains you can never dismantle unless through prolonged midnight battles. The aim of this write-up is to awaken the church (Christians) to this great spiritual weapon made available to us by God. I believe (and by experience too) that any Christian that masters the act of praying in the midnight will ultimately control what happens in the day.

Why pray in the midnight? Midnight (or hours between 11:00pm and 3:00am) is known to be the most spiritual active period of the day. You will notice that dreams, revelations, attacks, visitations from the spirit world (both by angels and demonic powers) often come by this time, especially when you are sleeping. And the reason is simple. Human beings are easily overwhelmed while asleep. Naturally, the body is always weak at this time. And this makes it susceptible to any spiritual manipulation. For one to be powerful in the spirit world, the person’s human spirit must be guided and lead by a higher Spirit; which in the case of a Christian is the Holy Spirit. Let’s not go farther with this explanation. All I want to say is that midnight is always a period of intense spiritual activities both by the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan.

If you must control the activities around you and dismantle Satanic ordinances in your life, then you must learn to wake up at midnight to fight against the powers of darkness. For example, look at the activities of the witches and wizards. These are agents of darkness possessed by the spirit of witchcraft. This spirit is known to be one of the most wicked spirits in the kingdom of darkness. It revels in causing harm and sometimes totally destroying human beings. The witches don’t have the word mercy in their dictionary. That is why a person; even a relation that is possessed with this wicked spirit can go ahead and destroy the closest person to him/her. And these set of agents of darkness mostly operate in the midnight.

Their mode of operation is usually to shoot their evil arrows (attacks) while their victim is asleep. And by the time the person wakes up, he/she will see everything going wrong. They can attack businesses, ministries, marriages and relationships, health, etc. Sometimes, destinies of the victims are taken to their Covens (where they meet) and tied. Or the victim is killed out rightly. God knew how terrible these wicked agents of Satan are, consequently He commanded Israel not to allow them (witches) to stay alive.

Now, our interest here is that for you to battle and win these agents of darkness that mostly operate in the midnight, you must also be awake at the same time of their operation. You must wake up to render their evil arrows, enchantments, curses and incantations against you ineffective. And not just that, you can at the same cause serious and perpetual havoc on them. All these can only be possible through powerful and sustained midnight prayers.

Not just the witches, we are also aware that the most dangerous satanic sacrifices and wicked ordinances are usually done in the middle of the night. If God opens our eyes to see what goes on in our society or even around us at midnight, we will be shocked. So many people you see looking innocent, honourable and decent in the day get involved in some satanic and devilish activities in the night. This does not stop them from coming to church, donating money to the religious bodies and charity. Some are actually moving ‘satanic altars’. How can the Christian or the church battle against all these? It’s only by engaging in very dynamic, prolonged prayers; especially in the middle of the night.

Now, the bible does not keep us ignorant of the activities that go on in the night hours. Job said, “Do not long for the cover of night, for that is when people will be destroyed (people are cut off in their place)” Job 36:20. The Psalmist calls it “the terrors of the night” (Psalms 91:5). Then Jesus said that night is the time when the enemy comes to sow tares (Matthew 13:25). You may not believe it, most of the problems we’re going through today, were first shot into our lives by demonic forces while we were sleeping. Do you know that almost everything about this life is decided in the spirit realm before they manifest physical? This explains why some of us will always see things (including blessings) in our dreams or visions before we receive them physically. Does it happen to you? The same is with satanic arrows. They are first shot in the spirit realm before they manifest physically.

Nothing happens just like that. There is always a cause in the spirit realm, then the effect in the physical. We must wake up and begin to control our midnights. This is where we have the battlefield. And our exploits here will determine how great, powerful, prosperous and healthy we will become in the daytime.

Please, we’ll go into the examples of great men and women (including Jesus) in the bible; who won their midnight battles and consequently controlled the day. We will expand this teaching in the subsequent parts. Till next week, God Bless!

Source by Gabriel Agbo