Programmed Dreams – Utilize Your Dreams To Tap Into God’s Will for Your Life

Enlightenment, comes in many forms and flavors. For me, and I believe for many people, Enlightenment and illumination, come as a result from reading Scripture. However many people today believe that the spiritual gifts ceased at Pentecost while others attribute for too much. Regardless, I believe we do well to seek and practice what the spirit has to offer. For thousands of years the good Lord has visited those prophets of old with whom he wanted to commune. The world we live in is so full of negative and evil forces that are constantly seeking our attention with the sole purpose of distracting us from the good that is offered.

It is so easy to reject divine intervention as merely good luck or worse yet the exercise of our will. The truth is most of us wants what’s best for us, our families and our country yet many times we lack the power and the direction to carry it out. This is where Programmed Dreams, when properly approached can be so beneficial. Regardless of your faith, denomination, or spiritual background, you have the ability to tap into infinite wisdom. As it is written, “If We Have Faith But of a Mustard Seed” we could command the mountain to be cast into the sea. So keeping all of that in mind, and assuming that you have not even the faith of a mustard seed, and possibly believe there is no God. I’m going to ask you to consider a Programmed Dream that asks for the answer of faith. You’re actually going to program a dream that will give you the answer to your personal quest for faith.

Before you go to bed tonight read some scriptures of your choosing, relax with some chamomile tea, and perform your favorite deep breathing exercises to render you in a completely relaxed state. Tell yourself that tonight you will have a dream and upon wakening you will have the answer, the answer of a gift of faith but the size of a mustard seed. Not only will this faith be gifted to you upon awakening, but you will also be blessed with a roadmap of how to best nurture and grow this faith that is given to you.

Now realize that we are not dealing with some small hydroelectric plant that produces enough power to energize a few hundred thousand neighborhood homes. We are dealing with a power source here that not only keeps the globe of Earth suspended at the precise position from the sun but also keeps in position an infinite, incalculable number of celestial bodies positioned in a universe of infinity. With that in mind, be not shy in requesting answers to his will for your life.

The universe is big, but the creator is so much bigger than what you’re asking here. Relationally it is so infinitesimally small that even an atom or quark would be a poor illustration. But at this point it’s not necessary for you to understand the vastness of an infinite Creator in relation to the smallness of his creation. It’s just important that you be willing to receive what he has for you.

It is very important upon awakening to immediately write down your entire dream, and this will become easier with practice. I found in the beginning of Programmed Dreams discipline, that I seemed to only remember parts and fragments of my dreams. But very quickly, entire dreams float off the tip of my pen with ease upon wakening. Don’t be discouraged if the first few mornings the very dream that you’re writing down vaporizes from your mind as you’re writing the first few sentences. Like any skill, perfection comes with practice, and it takes discipline and commitment to bring this to fruition. Your efforts will be well worth it, and you will be amazed at with which the clarity and direction you will be given for God’s will for your life-as well as solutions to so many of your struggles in this world.

As you progress in the discipline of Programmed Dreams you will find that this becomes, as enjoyable and as natural as a cup of morning coffee, part of your daily routine that prepares you to face the rigors and challenges of each day. I have been using these techniques and disciplines to not only expand my faith, but to enrich the lives of my patients, family and friends. I have never received a wrong answer and have only failed to respond properly to the wisdom so freely given me by the spirit. We must always be aware that our hearts are deceitful and and have a tendency to gravitate and choose that which is easy, soft and familiar. Many times you will get an answer through Programmed Dreams that you are reluctant to obey, reluctant to yield, reluctant to incorporate into your busy life. Not everything profitable is comfortable, but as you yield more and more to the direction and answers that you obtain through Programmed Dreams you will find a life of reduced stress and increased love.

Also, as you progress, it is very important to be as specific as possible with your requests and always qualify them as not an answer that you want, but an answer that is best for you. Because remember, the heart is deceitful and what we want is not always what’s best, but what’s best is what he wants and will ultimately bring us the most joy, peace, love and satisfaction as we navigate the challenges of life.

Source by Dr. Clancy McKenzie